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Somewhere Over The Rainbow: A Guide to Sorority Colors

Pocahontas told us to paint with all the colors of the wind, but clearly homegirl was never in a sorority. [She was more about that raccoon friend life]. When it comes to being in a sorority, you colors are only second in importance to the strength of your sisterhood and how much money you raise for philanthropy. They are how the freshmen identify you and the events you host. If you ever want to get involved with your sorority’s public relations, you’ll need to know all of the other sororities’ colors when sending them flowers and cupcakes. It sounds trivial but really it’s not.) It means the world to other sororities if you invest just a second of your time learning something about them, even if it’s just their colors.

Kappa Delta

[I know put my own sorority first, I’m biased OKAY?] Kappa Delta’s colors are Olive Green and Pearl White, two colors I think happen to look simply smashing on all of my sisters, but occasionally the white has me feeling like a beached whale after a Barberitos trip [am I right, or am I right?]

Alpha Chi Omega

Scarlet Red and Olive Green. You would think it looks like Christmas colors, but I actually love the pairing. Shoutout to my AXO roommate who rocks the scarlet and olive like no one’s business.

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Royal Purple and Pure White. Also the colors of High Point University, so that’s a double win.

Zeta Tau Alpha

Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey. Not to be confused with their awesome Philanthropy initiatives with Breast Cancer Awareness, which is pink as far as the eye can see in the month of October! Love it!

Phi Mu

Rose and White

Alpha Gamma Delta

Red, Buff, and Green

And now for all those sororities not currently at High Point University:

Alpha Delta Pi

Azure and White

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Green and White

Alpha Omicron Pi


Alpha Phi

Bordeaux and Silver

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Crimson, Pearl White, Palm Green, and Gold

Alpha Sigma Tau

Emerald Green and Gold

Alpha Xi Delta

Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Gold

Chi Omega

Cardinal and Straw

Delta Delta Delta

Silver, Gold, and Cerulean Blue

Delta Gamma

Bronze, Pink, and Blue

Delta Phi Epsilon

Royal Purple and Pure Gold

Delta Zeta

Rose and Green

Gamma Phi Beta

Brown and Mode

Kappa Alpha Theta

Black and Gold

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Dark Blue and Light Blue

Phi Sigma Sigma

King Blue and Gold

Pi Beta Phi

Wine and Silver Blue

Sigma Delta Tau

Café au Lait and Old Blue

Sigma Kappa

Maroon and Lavender

Theta Phi Alpha

Blue, Gold, and Silver

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