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The Yik Yak Takeover

Yik Yak, which is infamously known around college campuses, is an app for people to anonymously post things. Often times, the posts are targeted towards other people or are negative about things happening in their lives.

A few weeks ago, the wonderful women of the Gamma Gamma chapter of Kappa Delta, decided to do a Yik Yak takeover. At 12pm on a Wednesday afternoon, we flooded the Yik Yak system with encouraging messages of confidence, inspiring quotes and support. We received many “up” votes and comments with positive feedback. For a few hours there were no negative or degrading posts on the app’s feed.

Katie O’Sullivan (KD Pledge Class 2015), the mastermind behind the idea, said, “The reason the Yik Yak takeover was proposed was because of all the negativity we see on the app. We wanted to turn it around and try and brighten someone’s day.”

The work was effortless and the results were priceless.

Check out some of our results!

The Yik Yak TakeoverThe Yik Yak TakeoverThe Yik Yak TakeoverThe Yik Yak TakeoverThe Yik Yak TakeoverThe Yik Yak Takeover

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