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Iffy About Joining Sorority Recruitment? Top 5 Reasons Why You Should GO GREEK!

Deciding whether or not to join sorority recruitment at your school is a big deal! For some, the decision is easy, but for others the decision might not come as quickly. Here are the Top 5 reasons I believe that every girl should “Go Greek” and sign up for sorority recruitment for the upcoming fall semester!

1. A Home Away From Home

I know this saying might sound cliché, but it speaks volumes about how a sorority can make you feel! Moving away from home for the first time can be difficult for many people. However, becoming involved on campus can help ease the homesickness of the first couple weeks of college. What better way to become involved on campus than to join a sorority? Most Fall sorority recruitments are either the week before school starts or the during the first week of school. This allows you to meet tons of girls before the first week of school is even over! Just by simply signing up for recruitment, you are opening the door for many new friendships to be built solely through the recruitment process. If you decide to accept a bid from a sorority, your feelings of involvement and belonging will only grow stronger. As an only child, I always longed to have a sister. Now that I am in a sorority, I am surrounded by 60+ sisters on a daily basis! Because of my sorority, I have never had to face any part of college alone.

2. Leadership

Being a part of a sorority offers more leadership opportunities than you could ever imagine! Although each chapter is different, there are many leadership roles you can take part in within your own chapter. These positions can include President, Vice President Community Service, Sisterhood Chair, and many others. At my own school, many sorority women also hold positions in other campus organizations as well, such as the Student Government Association and the Baptist Campus Ministry. Sororities have an amazing ability to help you grow into strong women and leaders not only on campus, but in life as well.

3. Philanthropy

In my own opinion, there is really no better feeling than that of helping others. Each sorority will have its own philanthropy or philanthropies that they will raise money for throughout the year. Typically, each sorority will set aside a few days each semester to hold events on campus to benefit their philanthropy. These events could be anything from a volleyball tournament to pool games. Each sorority will spend time preparing for these events and spread the word to other organizations and students on campus to come and show their support. All of the money raised from the events will go to the specific philanthropy of each sorority. In some cases, sororities even get to interact and host events for those involved with their philanthropies. Giving back is a major part of what sororities are all about!

4. Academics

Being a part of a sorority can push you to achieve high academic goals! At my school, the All Sorority GPA was higher than both the All Women’s and Campus GPA. Most sororities will have a minimum GPA that you need to meet in order to remain a member in the chapter. You will also have so many resources within your chapter to assist you with any problem you might encounter. There will be girls of all grade levels, majors, and minors in your sorority, so any question you might have would most likely be able to be answered by one of your sisters! Oh, because of the large amount of girls in your chapter, you will never have to worry about going to the library alone or being without a study partner…which is always a plus!

5. FUN!

The ultimate reason why you should sign up for sorority recruitment! Although the four positives I mentioned previously are all wonderful, this last one has to take the cake. Being in a sorority is simply just so much fun! It’s the little things like walking into the campus grill and being greeted by a lunch table full of your sisters, or getting a big group of your sisters together on a Friday night to devour chocolate and watch a movie. Being around my sisters brings the absolute biggest smile to my face. They are the sunshine to a rainy day and the best pick-me-up a girl could ever ask for!

I can truly say that joining a sorority was one of the best decisions of my life! I hope that these reasons were helpful if you are still on the fence about signing up for your school’s sorority recruitment in the fall. I hope that by this time next year you too will have found your “home away from home” within your sorority!

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