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Honey, You’re a Natural Beauty! 3 Ways To Beauty-fully Use Honey

Let’s face it; we’ve all spent our fair share of time wondering how to get our hair to shine, faces to glow, skin to clear, lipstick not to feather and our knees and elbows soft. It’s seemed impossible at times, but ladies, I’m here to liberate you. Push your expensive leave in-conditioners and harsh face washes aside, and make way for the one, the only… The six dollar jar of honey.

Seemingly unimpressive, a simple jar of raw organic honey (find the good stuff in the natural section of your grocery store, or a place like Trader Joe’s. No processed junk from a bear shaped bottle, missy!) can take the place of a thousand little tubes and bottles to give you a cheap, natural and surefire way to reach your hotness potential (by the way, it’s unlimited).

Honey, You're a Natural Beauty! 3 Ways To Beauty-fully Use Honey
Make sure it’s the raw stuff!

So, why honey, you ask? Girl, sit down and let me tell you.

  1. Honey is a humectant, which means it retains moisture. Legend has it that Cleopatra used to take honey bathes to keep her skin moist and looking young.
  2. It’s antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial, so it can help heal cuts, clear up blemishes or scalp infections
  3. It’s filled with natural enzymes that slough away dry and dead skin, even heals scars
  4. Honey is totally compatible with every skin and hair type. What you need, it’ll give you.
  5. It’s natural! No weird dyes or chemicals soaking through your skin into your body. Go ahead and eat it, while you’re at it.
Honey, You're a Natural Beauty! 3 Ways To Beauty-fully Use Honey

Although there’s basically a never ending list of ways this magical goop can change your life, here three are my favorites:

Morning face wash
Take a quarter-sized amount and massage it onto a wet face for a minute or two, or leave it on a few minutes while you brush your teeth or pick out clothes to let your skin soak up all goodness. Some people like to mix in milk, eggs or essential oils, but so far I’m happy just keeping it simple. You may think that it’ll feel gooey and sticky, or reluctant to come off, but it seriously won’t. But if honey has one downfall, it’s that it’s not great at taking off make up, so that’s why I only use it in the morning when my face is foundation free.

The new and improved 2 in 1: Hair cleanser and moisturizer
Shampooing and conditioning our hair is never ending cycle that is tough to leave, but hear me out! Shampoo dries out your hair, conditioner moisturizes it and around and around we go. Instead of stripping your hairs natural oils and then adding artificial ones back in, mix honey and water at a 3-1 ratio, respectively, and massage it into your scalp. It’s balancing and nourishing, so your hair will stop overcompensating with oil. Plus, it won’t leave a build up clogging the follicles like so many conditioners do, getting rid of dandruff and flakes, allowing your hair to grow and maintain a healthy sheen without the grease! Winning! If your hair is extra dry, like mine, you can do a coconut oil mask on the ends whenever you feel like it needs some extra TLC.

While honey is a natural exfoliator, sometimes it can use some extra help when you’re trying to rock bright lips or bare your legs for the first time in months. So, I like to take either sea salt or raw sugar (don’t do the former after shaving of if you have little cuts!) mix enough in to make my honey a little gritty, and slough my whole body and face with it, paying special attention to lips, elbows and knees. Dead skin falls away, and it leaves pores open, ready to soak in moisturizer!

Trust me, your skin, hair and wallet with thank you.

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