44 Things Every College Girl Should Know

  1. Your high school friendships will be tested. [Some will remain the same. Many will be broken.
  2. The same goes with your high school boyfriend.
  3. Never let anyone try to tell you what to do with your life.
  4. If you’re tight on money but dying for the new shoes, buy them.
  5. Do not let boys dictate your life.
  6. Appreciate the little things around you.
  7. Don’t shrug off the gym. [Being healthy is so important.
  8. Say “Thank You” even for things that may seem like givens.
  9. Put down your phone and look around you.
  10. It’s alright to stay in on the weekend and watch a movie.
  11. Give back to your community.
  12. Travel any chance you can get.
  13. Stop letting people who hurt you in the past back into your life.
  14. A smoothie is not a meal.
  15. Neither is fro-yo.
  16. Tell your parents you love them every day.
  17. Donate to the homeless.
  18. Do not take anything for granted.
  19. Stop worrying. Everything will work itself out.
  20. You’re still beautiful even if you don’t have a six-pack.
  21. Do something completely different with your hair.
  22. If someone messes with you, fight back their fire with gasoline.
  23. [Brains are so sexy. Go the library. Study.
  24. Respect those around you.
  25. Laugh. What is life without laughing?
  26. [A girl can never have too many monogrammed items.
  27. Cheating is a dirty game. Don’t be the girl who ruins a relationship. And if you get cheated on, do not stay in the relationship.
  28. Black clothing is slimming. Black clothing is in season all year. Cough-cough, buy black.
  29. Boxed wine is the best… if you’re 21!
  30. Don’t let your frustration out on social media.
  31. Nordstrom is great. T.J. Maxx is also great and has the same brands for cheaper.
  32. It is okay to cry.
  33. If you want pizza at 2 in the morning, order it.
  34. Your friends will always be there for you. Boys won’t.
  35. Starbucks is worth the $4, but limit yourself - your wallet will thank you!
  36. Learn to love yourself before you give your love to anyone else.
  37. Stop saying you’re going to college to find a husband and be a housewife [(check this out, by Alpha Sigma Alpha x Southern Connecticut State University)
  38. Join a club you’d never think to join.
  39. Eat your vegetables. They are good for you.
  40. So is chocolate.
  41. Diets never work - learn how to balance and moderate your caloric intake, and workout.
  42. Dress up when you get the chance. Appearances are so important.
  43. Smile. It really is contagious.
  44. Be thankful. Whether or not you realize it, you are blessed.

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