Jamberry Nails: New Hot Nail Trend

I’m the girl who is very particular on how her nails look at all times. The past three years, I’ve been in an on/off relationship with acrylics because I love how low-maintenance they are once on as well as having great color that rarely chips. However, I have realized recently that spending excessive amounts of money on fake nails is stupid because I’m paying money to actually ruin my natural nail bed.

Jamberry Nails: New Hot Nail Trend
My shamrock nails after application!

I’ve done shellac, gel- whatever you want to call it- and have very mixed emotions on it. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan because I spent more than I did before on acrylics and they only lasted for me without chipping for about five-days. I thought to myself: “Shellac and acrylics aren’t good for me, what else is there?” Well, the answer is Jamberry Nails. They’re basically the easiest things ever and so cute and long-lasting.

Basically, Jamberry has vinyl nail wraps that you can apply yourself at home with just simple heat and a little bit of pressure. They have over 300 colors online and they’re so incredibly simple to use considering the only materials I had to apply them were scissors, a nail file and a blow dryer for heat. It took less than fifteen minutes to do both hands and they look as if I walked out of the salon. They’re shiny, flexible and comfortable and I love how there is literally a color/design for any occasion.

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