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Three Style Essentials Worth Investing In

I’m sure many of you debate whether or not to sink a sizable portion of your paycheck into a higher quality product, or take the more frugal route. _ (Perhaps you always opt for the cheapest, hey college livin’.)_ For some fashion and beauty items, it makes little difference whether you buy the $100 version or the $10 version, but the following items are definitely worth the splurge.

1. Eyeshadow Palette

A good quality eyeshadow palette that offers a variety of colors is an essential. Pick one with at least 5-6 shades so you can create a lot of different looks. It is good to find one that allows you to create a variety of looks so you don’t feel like you need five different ones just to complete your selection of shadows.

Three Style Essentials Worth Investing In

I use the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette because it includes options for day and night, and I’m a really big fan of subtle, matte shadows. It also matches a variety of skin tones, so you don’t have to worry about your eyeshadow looking “off” when you’re extra tan in the summer (or extra pale in the winter).

Unlike some other make up products, the quality of eyeshadow can make a huge difference. A lot of cheaper shadow palettes will lack pigment, so you need to apply layer upon layer of product for any color to start showing. Sometimes cheaper shadows are gritty, so you won’t get that smooth, seamless application as you would with pricier eyeshadow.

2. Watch

Three Style Essentials Worth Investing In

I’ve noticed people don’t wear watches as much anymore. Y_eah, we have our smartphones, but does no one else find it annoying when you have to pull your phone out every five seconds to check the time?_ Not only do watches add a nice touch to any outfit, but they are way more convenient. Watches come in so many different styles, it’s not hard to find one to fit your look. If you’re one of those people who can’t catch on to that lost art of reading an analog watch, there are more than just the trusty Baby-Gs to give us digital time. Some watches have both, so you can have that classy, sophisticated look of a minute and hour hand, but still be able to read the time with ease.

In addition to the seemingly forgotten convenience of watches, they look professional. Well… for the most part (sorry Baby-G). Many girls in college will be interacting with more professional people, from the professors, to potential employers. Wearing a watch signifies timeliness and organization. Even if you may be a bit of a mess, stepping into that interview with a watch on your wrist can show employers that you are on top of things.

3. Sunglasses

People love sporting the free sunglasses different campus clubs hand out, or buy a million pairs from H&M and Forever 21 because “I lose them ALL the time!” The truth is, those sunglasses may be hurting you more than no sunglasses at all. UV protection in more expensive sunglasses is more likely to actually keep UV rays out of your eyes versus cheap glasses. The cheap glasses may say they have 100% protection, but the protection can be very patchy over the lenses, allowing UV light to leak in. In addition, the darker your lenses are, the more your pupils will dilate. In effect, you’re letting more UV light into your eyes with those cheap sunglasses. This is probably why you often find yourself squinting with your sunglasses on. You shouldn’t be squinting, the sunglasses are supposed to diffuse the light for you.

Three Style Essentials Worth Investing In

Investing in one good pair of shades that you can match with your wardrobe is worth it. Your eyes will feel so much better in the almost eternally sunny Los Angeles, or anywhere really, ’cause where there’s no sun, there’s glare. And after dropping a solid amount of $$$ on your sunglasses, you won’t find yourself being as careless as you were with your $7 tortoise shells.


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