Why Community Service is Important

It’s common knowledge that a big part of Sorority life is geared towards philanthropic efforts and community service. But why is it really important?

Allows You To Grow

You find out more about yourself. It gives you the opportunity to find out what really matters to you. When I was researching the different sororities on my campus a big part of it was picking what cause I want to fight for. It gives you courage to step out. It gives you the opportunity to either take a back seat and support or to step out and take leadership, and the cool thing is-both are totally great! Causes need leaders, but they also need people to support them-and those people are equally, if not more, important.

Introduces You To The Community

This is especially true for commuters! It is hard to balance work, school, relationships, family-I could go on and on! Sometimes for commuters it feels even harder. Your school is a part of your community, most cities make it a staple for visitors. Community service gives you reach into the community and shows you the good that may or may not be hiding in plain sight.

Why Community Service is Important
Walk for Wishes at the Detroit Zoo-a city gem!

Helps Your Relationships Grow

Whether you decide to volunteer with family, your sisters or your man-be ready for some bonding. When you join together with those around you for a cause you see new sides to people. You see compassion grow, you see leaders step forward and even humility from those you may not expect.

Why Community Service is Important
Walk for Wishes with My Man-a perfect date.

Community service takes a lot of involvement and sometimes the timing may not be best. It’s hard to want to fully take part sometimes when you are feeling down from school, tests, and work. Just remember how much you get back though. For the few short hours you will spend, you will gain a whole lot more.

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