How To: Birthday Outfits!

All my Libras out there: Our time has almost come! As my late-September birthday approaches, I find myself engaged in a constant inner debate. True, important current events flood the news, and assignments and papers pervade my Lilly planner, but, per usual, my thoughts are occupied by my one true interest: clothing.

I often say, “live every day like it’s your birthday,” and I firmly stand by this statement. If we consistently practiced this philosophy, the world would become a lovelier, kinder place, both in terms of our actions/words, and our wardrobe.

On our birthdays, all eyes are on us… or so it seems. It is for this reason that our outfit choices are imperative. If you find yourself similar to me and my sisters, you LOVE outfit changes and treat this day as a mini NYFW — set in your college-town, of course. Your typical timeline of outfits must reflect you, but no matter your style, you should remain cognizant of some important rules of thumb.

  1. Keep it classy. This goes without saying.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t totally overdo it.
  3. Add some sparkle. It’s your birthday, after all!
  4. Take a risk. Differentiate yourself from every other day, while keeping your daily style inspiration ever at heart

For your inspiration:

How To: Birthday Outfits!

Get the most out of your special day by wearing the best of your closet. Happy birthday, and happy choosing!

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