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Cute, Casual and Comfortable: It is Possible!

As sorority women, we have several unspoken rules. One of the first - and most important - lessons that we learn is that no matter what, we are always “wearing” our letters.

With that ever-present in our minds, we remember to always dress how we wish to be perceived. Attending a small school makes this matter even more prominent. The second we step out of the sorority house, we notice familiar faces of classmates and professors. It is precisely for this reason that we should look presentable and respectable at all times.

But, ladies, this does not mean sacrificing comfort! Cute and comfortable often go hand-in-hand. Check out some sample outfit combinations and get inspiration for your various outings:

Coffee date:Cute, Casual and Comfortable: It is Possible!

All items available at J.Crew or J.Crew Factory. These items fit the body’s natural shape and are made with the finest, softest materials.

Meeting with professors:

Cute, Casual and Comfortable: It is Possible!

J.Crew has done it yet again. These pieces are both classy and heavenly to wear. Sweaters are soft and denim is perfection; what more could you want? (Pink and black flats: Tory Burch. Black bag: Longchamp Paris).

An afternoon of class:

Cute, Casual and Comfortable: It is Possible!

We never know who we may run into going to and from class. Apply these casual, laid-back looks to your outfits to assure comfort and cuteness. PS- if you have not already invested in a good pair of wedges, do so now! They are adorable and extremely easy to walk in!

Trip to the library:

Cute, Casual and Comfortable: It is Possible!

You really cannot go wrong with cashmere , yoga pants, and/or denim- especially when comfort is necessary for concentration. As we Kappas say, “dress well, test well!”

Do not simply make a good first impression. Keep your outfits polished to create a lasting image in people’s mind. Soon, your peers will likely revere your style and trust your fashion guidance!

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