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Sorority Obsession: Long Live Lilly!

It may be cliche, but as sorority women, we LOVE Lilly Pulitzer. The Lilly girl sets the standards, but often breaks the rules, and we reflect this with our clothing.

If you are like I am, the reveal of your sorority’s print only fueled your obsession with Pulitzer’s patterns. Her iconic preppiness practically rules sorority style. Through this, she created a brand and a lifestyle, and gained dedicated followers.

Several sisters, however, reserve these dynamic dresses for the summer months. I believe the amount spent on the average shift dress begs for it to be donned more than twice a year. Spread out the fun and start wearing your Lilly Pulizter pieces year-round!

A simple accessory, pair of shoes, or layering item can ease the transition of these patterns into a more refined setting. Mix neutral tones with the bright colors to give your outfit adequate and professional balance. Check out some Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew mash-ups:

Sorority Obsession: Long Live Lilly!

  • Look 1: Wear an oxford under a shift dress for a more polished look.
  • Look 2: Pair a neutral blazer with a printed dress to add sophistication.
  • Look 3: Take a bright blazer and add a neutral top and pencil skirt for professional settings.

Get inspired and get creative - that is one of our strong suits as sorority women! Remember: when it doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

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