Crafty & Creative at Big/Little Reveal

One of my favorite events during the year is when we have Big/Littler sister reveal. Having a Big/Little sister is such a fun part about being in a sisterhood! At our chapter, we do reveal about a month into the semester so that all the new girls have a chance to meet the older girls.

Crafty & Creative at Big/Little RevealThis year, we had all of the future big sisters decorate a big moving box that they could hide in. The future little sister’s name was on a giant gift tag on the outside of the box, and the little sisters had to find their box and open it up to reveal their big sister.

Crafty & Creative at Big/Little RevealOne of the best parts about the reveal, besides all the excitement of welcoming new members into our families, is dressing up in matching clothes or having a consistent theme with your family or line. For example, this year some girls made matching tribal headbands, floral headbands and even bedazzled Kappa hats. It’s fun to be creative and have a crafting night with your family before reveal too. You can even get shirts made to match your theme, like the ones picture above.

Crafty & Creative at Big/Little Reveal It adds to the fun of the experience and makes for some really cute pictures for future scrapbooks! What types of themes do your Greek families dress up in?

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