Leggings as Pants…What's Your Stance?

The highly debated topic of ladies wearing leggings as pants is quite controversial these days. It’s hard to say what is appropriate across the board, but in my humble opinion, leggings as pants are perfectly acceptable attire (in the appropriate situation, of course. No one should be wearing leggings to events such as chapter.) I always tend to go by the phrase “everything in moderation” so, really just use some judgment on this one! This comfy, cotton-spandex combination has found a permanent place in many women’s closets (including mine) and I’m here to share some advice about how to style these babies.

Leggings as Pants…What’s Your Stance?
Leggings as pants?

Look Number 1:

An edgier look for a night out a sweater; this one is from H&M, leggings (of course) and a pair of combat boots complete the look. Rock some red lipstick and liquid eyeliner and you’re good to go!

There are so many things you can do with leggings and not all of them have you looking lazy. I’ve worn all of these outfits, and admittedly am wearing leggings as I write this. Hopefully whoever comes across this article can take my advice, have some fun and run with these ideas.

Look Number 2:

Leggings paired with your favorite button down… I love my chambray button down with this look, but flannels or any other kind of button down will work, too. To finish off the look I slip into my tall, chestnut colored boots and put on a statement necklace.

Look Number 3:

For warmer climates or a lazy day, an over-sized tank top and a top knot will work just fine for running to the grocery store or hitting the gym!

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