We’ve Got Spirit (Jerseys), How ‘Bout You – UCF Kappas Start the Trend

The beginning of Spring semester in Florida means chilly morning walks to class but warm treks back after hours of classes, lunch, and library hours. What could be more comfortable in this weather than the “over-sized long sleeve, leggings, and boots” combo?

Our chapter recently received our order of what are being called “spirit jerseys” and we could not be more excited. By sporting the color of our choice, it gives us just another way to proudly wear our letters. The jerseys are made of a material that’s similar to chapter jerseys and can be customized to say what you want on the back along the wingspan.

We've Got Spirit (Jerseys), How 'Bout You – UCF Kappas Start the Trend
Starting the spirit jersey trend

We ordered them all to say “Kappa Kappa Gamma” in large letters across the back (yes, our entire name fit) and in smaller print underneath “Est. 1870.” If we could wear them every day, we would. But we don’t want to commit major fashion crime, do we ladies? We have to mix it up a little.

They’re even being lent out to new members who do not yet have an array of Kappa shirts that consume half of their wardrobe, so that they can show off on our letters on Greek letter Wednesdays. They were such a success and the start of a major trend around campus that we’re doing another order this semester for girls who missed out on the first round of fun!

Surprisingly, we were one of the first sororities on campus to have them, but they are spreading like wild fire! Since Kappa has started wearing them, there are three or four chapters displaying their affiliation in the form of these long sleeve jerseys.

How to wear them:

Since they are quite oversized, you can’t just pair it with anything and call it a day. Of course, pairing it with leggings and riding boots is a no brainer; it’s the trend of the season. It even looks cute with cuffed jean shorts and summery sandals. But beware of looking too slouchy! Norts are a definite no-no and you have to be careful with jeans. They’re perfect for long days in the library doing homework and hanging out with sisters, but opt for something a little more flattering when hanging out with frat boys.

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