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DIY Kappa Magnetic Board

Like most sorority girls, taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. One of the best photo opportunities that sorority girls have is at bid day. I made a cute magnetic board that would be perfect for featuring bid day photos. This magnetic board only takes three simple steps.

DIY Kappa Magnetic Board
KKG magnets found online
  1. First, I ordered a pack of Kappa Kappa Gamma magnets (found online.) These magnets can also be easily made. All you need to do is print your sorority letters off your computer, laminate them, and then attach to a magnet.
  2. The large metal piece I actually found stored in my basement so you can look around your house and see if you have anything like this. Otherwise a metal piece like this can be purchased from any hardware store. You may need to punch holes in the top to feed your ribbon.
  3. I decided to add some more Kappa flare by adding a dark blue and light blue bow on top. This also allows it to easily hang on the wall.

I know everyone is super busy because school is right around the corner – but this is a simple DIY tip that really lets you show off your sorority!

DIY Kappa Magnetic Board
The final product!

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