10 Things You Would Do ONLY For Your Little

1. Bend the rules.

So maybe your little forgot to show up at a philanthropy event or maybe she forgot to pay her dues on time. You obviously don’t want her to get in trouble so as her big you use your seniority to bend the rules a bit to help her out.

2. Buy matching outfits.

Like, why wouldn’t you want to match with your little all the time? She’s already the younger version of you anyway so you might as well make that even more obvious by buying outfits to color coordinate and match every day of the week.

3. Plot the death of ex-bae.

Your little is your child and you are an overprotective mother. Ex-bae really messed up when he cheated, lied, or whatever he did to your little because he forgot that as crazy as your little might be, you’re 10 times crazier. Sharpen the knives, ladies and gents.

4. Craft for days.

When you stay up all night placing gems, painting, and organizing the specs of glitter to perfection on your little’s new set of wooden letters to the point where you can’t function the next day, you don’t care. Your little’s reaction to her gift will be priceless and definitely Instagram photo worthy.

5. Introduce her to EVERYONE.

Saying “Have you met my little!?” to literally everyone you know and making sure they know to associate her with you. Even if they’ve met your little three times before, you feel it’s completely necessary to slip a reminder in to the conversation that this girl is your little! Pro Tip: This is will really help when you graduate because your little will already know everyone in Greek Life and not to mention the best baristas at Starbucks. She has you to thank for that.

6. Study with her all night.

Only for your little would you consider staying up way past your bedtime to help her study for a midterm the next day. You wouldn’t even do this for yourself but if it’s for your little and it means your little will be successful you better believe you’ll be up all night. Shotgun a Red Bull and pull out the flashcards.

7. Take her home to meet the fam.

You won’t even take your boyfriend home to meet your family but your little gets to meet them asap because she’s literally an extension of you. Priorities.

8. Spontaneously buy her presents.

You see something that reminds you of your little and regardless of the price tag it’s going in your shopping cart and you’re buying it. This is completely unnecessary because your little would still love you even if you were to give her a blade of grass but it’s totally worth it.

9. Volunteer to be her designated driver.

You love late night happy hour as much as the next girl but when your little needs someone to drive her drunkie-pants self around you’re more than willing to stay sober. You’ll even go over your calorie limit for the day so you can eat a quesadilla with her at 3am when she wants Taco Bell “soooooo baaaddddd”. Bonus: if your bae offers to drive your intoxicated little around when she’s in the process of becoming the next best rap sensation in the backseat, he’s a keeper.

10. Love her unconditionally.

Your little has quickly become one of the most, if not THE most, important person in your life. You put your differences (the very few that there are) aside, let the disagreements slide, and put her needs before yours. You protect her, you guide her, and you give her the keys to success. She is your little forever and you are always going to be her big. It’s a bond that is irreplaceable and unbreakable.

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