The 5 Types of Semi-Formal Dates

With semi-formal season quickly approaching I have to unleash the (maybe not-so-secret) secrets about the type of guy you’ll inevitably take to semi-formal during your time in college. Not all of them will be incredible, some of them will be down right weird, but all of them will be memorable. I’m here to help you make the best choice.

  1. The Stealth Mode – This guy is so much fun… until he disappears. He’s known for showing up and showing out (literally because he GTFO of every party and event like he stole Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, see ya!). The next day when you talk to him you find out he had a great night but has no idea how he ended up in the bushes outside of Taco Bell with a half eaten Quesarito in hand. I hope you took some screen shots of his snap story.
  2. The Sh*t Show – This is pretty self explanatory, this guy gave his last f away seven years ago and has no desire to remain sober what-so-ever. He starts his night off with a pre-game pint of Fireball, some jell-o shots, and shotguns a natty daddy or five. The rest of the night is spent drinking copious amounts of whatever he can find and making an ass of himself while asking everyone “Who do you even know here?” and replying to every question with the response “because I’m in a frat” at an event that isn’t even his. Ugh, *cue eyeroll*, whatever. On a positive note, his outfit was on point and you got 128 likes on the Instagram picture you posted together.
  3. The Gem – This guy knows he was invited to YOUR semi-formal so he’s all about making sure you’re having a great time. Whatever you need, he’s got you. He probably even bought your booze for you, like seriously, what a gem! When the lemon drops hit you a little too hard and you cry because you just love your dog so much and wish you could text your puppy friend, he’s there for you even if you’re being irrational and emotional. He probably has snacks galore back at his place so you should probably go check it out because guys with good snacks in their cupboards are everything.
  4. The Friend Zoned BFF – You invited this guy because he’s your best guy friend, aka you needed a date and your bff was down to help you out. You guys own the dance floor and show everyone how to hit the quan, let everyone know when that hotline bling, and somehow get the crowd hype for J Beebs’ new song “What Do You Mean” (that takes talent). You know by inviting this guy it’s probably a safe bet that you’ll have a great night and you won’t have to fear judgement when you kill a large pizza at 3 o’clock in the morning because he’ll be right there with you eating his own large pizza.
  5. The Marvin Gaye – This guy. This freaking guy! He’s been on your radar for a little while (a day, a week, a month, whatever) and you’re all about it. We call this guy the Marvin Gaye because, well, “let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on”. That’s primarily why you invited him to your semi-formal and you made a good choice because he’s actually an awesome human. Might want to keep this one around for future date parties, so, add the fire emoji next to his name in your phone and literally “call for a good time”.

But on a serious note, your semi-formal is intended to be a fun time where you get to celebrate the successes of your chapter. Whoever you choose to invite, make sure they treat you like the Queen B that you are. Alternatively, go solo and be the life of the party because boys are really annoying sometimes. Happy Semi Season!

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