7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

“In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total s*** and no other girls can say anything else about it.” Name that movie. You guessed it! Mean Girls.

Halloween is actually the best time of the year because you’re able to express yourself through costume. Did you know that what you wear says a lot about you? I’ve compiled a list of the most recognizable costumes you’ll find at your local fraternity party this year. Every girl in college owns at least one of these or has worn one of these costumes at some point, no shame and no judgement.

1. The Black Cat

7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

This costume says that you’re basic. You are the basic white girl everyone loves to hate. You buy new black cat ears at Target every year, throw on your most revealing black dress (not the same one from last year though, that’s a sin because pictures will be taken, duh), and taa-dah - you’re a black cat. You probably love Halloween but don’t have time care what you’re going to be. You threw this outfit together last minute, let’s be real. Now, put your vodka cran in a Lilly Pulitzer tumbler and let’s go.

2. The Sexy Cop

7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

You probably spent way too much money at Halloween USA for this costume but you don’t care. Unless you’re Channing Tatum in 21 (and 22) Jump Street, cops are not supposed to be “sexy”. However, you pull this look off flawlessly year after year. Plastic handcuffs? Check. Cliche hat? Check. Fishnet tights? On point. You’re down to have a good time and most of all you’re ready to party. You’ve been looking forward to this day all year so fill your solo cup with Jungle Juice, try not to lose your aviators, and make sure you don’t fall off any tables.

3. The Nurse

7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

We all know you’re not a real nurse and that stethoscope of yours is 100% fake (because those are actually expensive and why would you bring a real one to a college party?) but regardless you send everyone into Cardiac arrest when you walk by. You’re naturally smoking hot and your skimpy white coat only amplifies that. You’re down to drink whatever. Shot gunning beers with the boys, Tequila shots with your sisters, or Vodka OJ in a solo cup - you don’t care. You might end up passed out on a random couch and wake up the next morning with a major hangover but, you know, that’s okay it’s Halloween. I hope you stashed some ibuprofen in your white coat.

4. The Greek Goddess

7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

K. So, you’re a Greek Goddess in real life an on Halloween too? Original. Totally kidding, this is actually a really cute idea that takes some time and effort. You probably had this planned for at least a month and even called dibs on it. Yes, you can go to the nearest Halloween store and purchase a Greek Goddess costume but you actually have to take time to accessorize your look. Also, your hair. You have to do your hair yourself or find someone who is really good at making your hair look effortlessly messy and beautiful all at the same time. Lace up gladiator sandals? Those are hard to put on! You should probably drink champagne right out of the bottle because you deserve it. You’re basically just perfect. You win.

5. The School Girl

7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

Let’s face it, you never went to private school. You never had to wear a school uniform and your plaid skirt is from your Britney Spears craze in 1999. Who cares though because you look like every teenage boy’s fantasy. You probably thrive off of being a major tease and crushing dreams as you walk through a party. You don’t have to BYOB because every guy is offering you shots of whatever you please. You basically own Halloween with your thick rim glasses and knee high socks. Touche.

6. The Coordinating Couple

7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

Okay, Chuck and Blair, we get it. You’re in love or whatever. You’re probably going to dress up as a Cop and Robber, Batman and Robin, Pebbles and Bam-Bam, or a sexy Cinderella and shirtless Prince Charming. Your cuteness is driving us all to drink (kidding). On the real though, you and your significant other are a legitimately fun couple to be around. If the relationship lasts or even if it doesn’t, you know you had fun. Go split the fifth you bought together and mix yourself some cocktails.

7. Risky Business

7 Typical Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

This costume is the ultimate lazy girl’s ticket to looking irresistible on Halloween. All you need is an over-sized plain white oxford (you’re friends with every fraternity on campus so you have plenty of options), some socks, and some Ray-Ban Wayfarers. You’re the “cool” sorority girl. The one that’s probably going to get sweet-hearted soon if you’re not already. You’re an all around cool chick. Slide across that hardwood floor, sip your Mike’s Hard, and don’t forget to wear Spanx under your Oxford.

There you have it. You’re guaranteed to see these costumes at least 100 times this Halloween season so learn to like them and you know what they say, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. You can find me sporting my favorite black cat ears this year. Happy Halloween, y’all!

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