Beauty Hacks to Get You Through Recruitment

Recruitment. You’re excited, you’re meeting new girls, you’re having so much fun with your sisters, and you’re getting a feel for which girls might be a good fit for your chapter. Everything is wonderful but then, it happens. Halfway (if you can make it to the halfway point, I can’t) through the first full day of recruitment, your face starts to feel extra dewy. Like, really dewy. Not the, “I’m dewy on purpose because I want to look fresh-faced” dewy but the “I need a matte powder or a blotting paper, STAT” dewy. We all know this feeling, it’s uncomfortable and it makes us feel self-conscious especially when we’re making a first impression.

Here’s a list of beauty hacks that will help get you through recruitment so you don’t have any make-up casualties this semester.

  1. Compact Mirrors. Keep a small, compact mirror somewhere out of the way but still accessible. It’s very easy to discreetly sneak off to the side and make sure your lip liner is still in place. You can find compact mirrors at generally any drug store and you can even get crafty with them by using some E600 glue and some stick-on gems. Simply decorate the outside of the mirror and you have yourself a cute, DIY way to check your reflection.
  2. Blotting papers. I’m not a huge fan of blotting papers but they’re extremely convenient in a bind. Anyone can use a blotting paper and you don’t have to worry about spreading face germs like you would if you left out a communal mattifying face powder for everyone to use. Instead, just press these little papers on to your problem areas and ta-dah, you’re good to go! Bonus Tip: You can actually use coffee filters instead of blotting paper if you wish.
  3. Travel Size Lip Products. By using a smaller size of your favorite lippie product, you’re saving space in your clutch or whatever you choose to carry your touch-up products in. These little lippies make touch-ups a breeze.
  4. Long Lasting Lip Products. On the topic of lips, make sure you’re using a long lasting lip product. I recommend a lip stain or a long wear lipstick. This way, even if some of the product transfers on to a cup or a napkin, your lips won’t be bare. Plus, you’ll have to reapply less often.
  5. Waterproof Mascara. Although waterproof mascara is a pain to take off, it really makes a difference when you’re planning to wear mascara for an extended period of time. If you’re like me, you have sensitive eyes. My eyes water from the wind simply blowing by my face. I don’t have time to constantly keep checking my eyes to make sure my mascara isn’t bleeding down my face and you probably don’t either. Wear waterproof mascara as a preventative measure in case something like this happens during the day.
  6. Dry Shampoo. I live and breathe by dry shampoo. Dry shampoo, if you’ve never tried it, will change your life. Aside from the normal excess oil absorption, dry shampoo gives your hair a quick lift without using a sticky hair spray and a teasing comb. Simply spray your favorite dry shampoo at your roots, even on clean hair, and massage the product into your scalp. Tease as desired and hit your finished look with some high hold hairspray. If your hair falls flat during the day, don’t worry. Use a little more dry shampoo at your roots and massage it into your scalp. Your volume will be revived!
  7. Bobby Pins. I find that these commonly lost hair accessories save my life more than I care to admit. Bobby pins are critical to keep at least a few on hand at all times. Personally, I have some at home, at work, in my car, and even in my friend’s cars. If you’re having a bad hair day or if your hair just is not cooperating with you, it’s easy to transform your hair style into a more manageable one by using bobby pins. The options are endless. For easy transportation, tie a clear elastic around a small bundle of bobby pins. This secures the bobby pins making them less likely to get lost and it also gives you another tool to use if your hair really goes wild. Use the clear elastic to tie a quick fishtail braid off with and secure the loose pieces with the bobby pins. Simple, cute, and efficient.
  8. Deodorant Wipes. These are so much easier than pulling out a stick of deodorant and trying to not be awkward as you shove your hand up your shirt (or dress, even more weird) to reapply. Instead, try deodorant wipes. These scented wipes leave you feeling refreshed and ready to continue on with the day. Apply the wipe wherever you feel the need for extra protection and then simple dispose the wipe when done.
  9. Under Eye Concealer. It happens to the best of us, dark under eye circles. They’re hard to hide and sometimes they feel like they’re impossible to get rid of. If you’re having trouble combating your dark circles I have a trick for you! Find a full coverage concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. You’ll want to make sure that you’re buying one with the right undertone to color correct your dark circles so it might take a few moments in Sephora testing swabs on your hand. If you’re not willing to splurge on a concealer just for your dark circles, Sephora often gives product samples of whatever product you would like to try. This sample will be plenty to get you through recruitment week. Apply a small amount in an upside down triangle formation under your eyes as part of your morning routine. The product will be lighter than your natural skin tone so make sure to blend appropriately.
  10. Keep it Simple. Just like you want to see the real version of PNMs as they go through recruitment, they want to see the real version of you. If you normally wear a dramatic eye or a bold lip, by all means do it. However, if you’re someone who likes to keep your everyday make-up to a happy medium, stick with it. Don’t try to over-do it for recruitment week. Just do what you feel most comfortable doing and your inner beauty will shine through.

Good luck to everyone going through recruitment this semester!

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