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How to Craft 101 (Even if you suck at crafting, like me)

Crafting is hard. I don’t care what people say, if they think it’s easy, they’re definitely lying. Crafting is an art of sorts. It’s painstakingly making sure all the flowers looks like that Lilly pattern or making sure every little pearl is facing the right way. If you’re someone like me, then you will probably agree that crafting for serious things (ie: big/little reveal. Gives me anxiety thinking about it.) is a serious feat best left to the experts on Pinterest. Luckily, after much experimentation and many hours of sitting around painting things, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is hope for us uncrafty gals! It is totally possible to learn to get crafty. With the three golden rules that I’m about to share, we can all breathe a little easier about making banners and painting letters. Fret no more.

How to Craft 101 (Even if you suck at crafting, like me)
Results of my crafternoon!

1. KISS. Keep It Simple, Silly! Don’t tackle Lilly right off the bat. Work your way up with some nice stripes or polka dots. People would rather see gorgeous simplicity than a trendy mess.

2. Keep it clean. Don’t let your paints bleed together. Stay organized. Take the time to clean your brushes properly. This probably sounds a little meticulous, but the proof is in the pudding. Your time will show in your work.

3. Add elegance. Your crafts won’t seem so simple if you take them to the next level. Painted a paddle in simple colors? Add a pearl border or glittery letters, if that’s your style. Add gems, sparkle, glitz, whatever you want to call it. Make it uniquely you.

So breathe easy, superstar. Keep practicing and one day, you’ll be able to tackle those awesome tribal prints and sugar skulls. (Probably long before I will, though.)

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