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Dinner Time: We Love Our Alumni Sisters Edition

When they say sisters are forever, it literally is forever. You’re stuck with these fun, crazy, caring, intelligent, hilarious women for the rest of your life. And hey, I’m perfectly fine with that, because they’re perfect for me.

This past weekend we said goodbye to summer, and got ready for the fall semester by spending time with our sisters. We hosted an Alumni Appreciation dinner on Sunday. I love when we have events like this, they’re so fun and we get to see older sisters that are not around anymore. I was in the last pledge class so I personally don’t know a lot of the alumni sisters, so it’s super cool that we get to hang out and get to know who everyone is!

Dinner Time: We Love Our Alumni Sisters Edition

We have a very close sisterhood and even though some sisters have graduated, they still come around and help us out in our events, recruitment, school work, basically anything we need they’re there for us. This dinner is just a small way to show the alumni sister that our chapter appreciates everything they do for us!

Some of our sisters had also just gotten back in town, and everyone was just excited to see each other again. Even if it was an entire summer or just two weeks without seeing each other, once we all get together is like if we saw each other yesterday.

Dinner Time: We Love Our Alumni Sisters Edition

This is my almost perfect fam bam, with my beautiful Gbig who came out to our Alumni Dinner and spent time with us. And of course there’s always the perfect Big/Little picture! I love our letters and how we all care for each other, no one is left behind. And I know that whenever I graduate I want to make sure that I still give back to Phi Mu, because Phi Mu has given me all these women that I call my sisters, FOR LIFE.

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