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Divas Love to Support Philanthropy Too!

The Theta Gamma Chapter at FIU does not only support our national philanthropy, CMNH. We also love to be involved around campus, not only with the Greek community but also within the FIU community. With that being said, participating in any competition is not easy, and honestly you have to be pretty gutsy to go out there in front of other people and strut your stuff.

Delta Lambda Phi hosts a pageant-like show to raise money for their philanthropy. This is not your basic, pageant though, this is DLP Divas: Femme Fatale edition. It’s hosted outside campus, at a nightclub location, so you not only get to go support another organizations philanthropy but you also get to go out with sisters and dance the night away. Our beautiful and talented sister Priscilla decided to represent Phi Mu, in this fun and edgy competition!

I asked Pris, What inspired you to want to run for this pageant?

I wanted to represent my organization in the best way I could and this seem like a great opportunity to do so.

How do you feel about Philanthropy in general? Your philanthropy?

I’m very passionate about philanthropy especially Children’s Miracle Netwrok. I’m also very passionate for DLPs philanthropy which is care resource. Care resource works in getting equal jobs for everyone and also with HIV/AIDS.Divas Love to Support Philanthropy Too!

Why DLP Diva?

When I went to DLP diva last year for the first time, I saw my sister Bianca own that stage. she won the whole pageant and it sparked a light inside of me. She inspired me and I saw that I could do this too!

How was your experience? would you do it again?

My experience was so wonderful! The gentlemen of DLP were so supportive through the entire process. I would definitely do it over again if I had the chance to.

Did you learn anything from this pageant?

I learned that in order to run for one of these pageants you must have the strength and confidence of a true diva.Not only do it for the pageant and the concept of winning, but also love and support everyone who is part of that certain oorganizationbecause they are working really hard on an event that is close to their heart.

What did this pageant consist of, activities, raising money, etc?

I had to create a video and spread awareness about HIV/aids and blast it all through IG, Facebook etc. We also had ticket wars, which consists of the contestants selling tickets throughout campus, whoever sells the most that day earns points! We also had another part of the competition which was most likes on my Facebook post and last but not least take as many pictures as I could with a sign in 10 mins.

Like I said earlier, I’ve never really ran for another organizations philanthropy event! But I think it’s awesome that some of my sisters take time out of their busy schedules, and want to give back to other philanthropies, not only ours. With an entire chapter behind you, supporting you all the way, you can honestly do anything you want to. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there ladies! that’s what being in an organization is all about, women empowerment and growing within yourself!

Divas Love to Support Philanthropy Too!
Winners Choice Award

So proud of you Pris!

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