Tiffany & Co: Carnation Ball

Let’s forget about how stressed finals week got you, and take a moment to reminisce on the fun things! How much fun could the end of the semester be? Phi Mu’s at FIU can tell you… because it’s our favorite time of year to get dolled up, put our party pants (or dresses) on and attend our annual Carnation ball.

It’s truly a blessing that we live in Miami. We were able to book a venue that was fabulous and made the entire night feel very luxurious, going along with our Tiffany & Co theme. Sister Allison told me “My fav part of formal was definitely the venue! It was super fab and made it feel like a high class event.”

Formal is all about enjoying the moment with new sisters who are just starting their Phi Mu journey and with older sisters who are starting a new chapter in their life! I got the scoop in what I heard was one of the greatest formals to date, from outfits to gossip, the freshest dates and amazing memories. I love getting the opinions and thoughts of my sisters in events and things we do, so here’s what they said:

Outfits of The Night

Tiffany & Co: Carnation Ball
Trendy Dresses, Gorgeous designs, Classic Red and The little black dress.

What’s formal without going shopping with your sisters trying to find the perfect dress! These are just some beauties that I think killed it with their Formal gown looks.

Who’s the Bae?

Tiffany & Co: Carnation Ball

Other than finding the purrrrrfect dress for formal you also need to find a perfect accessory to go with that. And yes, an accessory means a date!

Tiffany & Co: Carnation Ball

I think it’s amazing that we get to have an event where we can show important people in our life how amazing our sisterhood is, and why we love our organization so much. Sisters can bring their best friend, a family member and of course their S/O as dates. It’s also a great way to make new friends and even see how many people you know in common!

And The Award Goes To…


“I was presented Phi of the year award which may not be such a big deal to others, but for me it was a confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be. My fellow sisters eagerly congratulated me! If I could sum up formal in one sentence it would be that formal was, a glimpse for newcommers like myself of the fun loving bond that Phi Mu gives to all its sisters especially those in the Theta Gamma chapter”- Cece

Yes, some awards are funny and quirky - like “Most likely to get more littles,” and some are more meaningful. We do this to show sisters in our chapter how much we appreciate them an everything they do for the chapter, even if it’s a small little thing. It means a lot.

“I just wanted to say that I had an awesome time at formal. Out of the 4 years that I have been a Phi Mu, this formal has been the best for me. I enjoyed seeing sisters Tiffany & Co: Carnation Balllaugh and dance together. I truly enjoyed being able to see my sisters in that environment for the last time. I was very honored to get the mini award of _“sister that would most likely live her creed after college,”_since I do hold Phi Mu so dear to my heart and with graduation looming close by, I was terrified I would be forgotten but this experience has made me that much more sure that this isn’t just an organization, but a family that will last me a lifetime.”- Abi

Memories for a Lifetime!

We can’t forget the most important part of this extraordinary night. And that is, the unforgettable memories everyone makes that will not only last throughout college but hopefully a lifetime as well. Events and moments like these make those transitions a lot easier for some people and I’m glad Phi Mu can do this for my sisters.

Tiffany & Co: Carnation Ball

“There was definitely something beautiful about the idea that everyone was there in the moment enjoying every dance, every conversation.** It like we were carelessly living for that one night. The fact that we were shamelessly busting out our best moves and leaving them on the dance floor was definitely a bonus**. There was no shame in our game that night. Lol attending my first and last formal was definitely one of the highlights of my senior year. My sisters made it that much more memorable!” -Xochi</p>

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