Greek Life

How I Found Myself In Sisterhood

I always knew I was going to try to go Greek in college. When everyone in your family is Greek, the idea to join isn’t given a second thought. I was born in a small southern city where everyone was close knit and friendly. Moving 1000 miles away for college posed difficulties only Greek Life could sort out. As a freshman, I had the luxury of consulting both my mother and sister on how to get into a sorority. The why was already settled for me: friendships, academic helpers, purpose, conflict-resolution skills, and above all, feeling like you belong. The how can I get noticed was something I’d need to find on my own.

I joined Phi Mu at High Point University with about as much anxiety as a caged animal. I was worried that I wasn’t going to fit in or be liked. I did not believe what everyone said about finding those instant connections with people and bonding with your Big Sister like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Despite my upbringing and need for Greek Life, I was skeptical about my role within it.

Bid Day came and I was thrown into a whole new world. Everyone knew my name and they all ushered me in without hesitation. After the sisterhood dinner, the jam session, and the gossip, I realized what they told me was true. Greek Life doesn’t make you fit some mold; it makes you understand how you belong to something bigger than yourself.

Whether you’re ambivalent about the process or relatively comfortable in your group of friends, you should consider Greek Life for those college years. The memories I’ve made defined me as who I am today. The encouragement I continue to get gave me confidence I would scarcely find elsewhere. Your university will handle your academic training. Greek Life will teach you how to be a respectable woman in society.

Phi Mu will always be in my heart even after that pink sash is placed on my robe at graduation. The loving bond I’ve come to know showed me the power of people believing in me. These friends will be with me forever and there is no doubt in my mind I’ll be there for them too.

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