How to Curl Long Hair in 20 Minutes!

Do you have long hair? Does it take you about an hour or so to curl it? Do you wanna curl your hair in less than 30 minutes? If you answer yes to these questions, then you’re in luck! I used to wake up an hour early to curl my hair for the day or having to do it the night before. But one day while I was experimenting with curling my hair, I found a new method! Here are the things you need and the steps by steps of how to do it:

What you need:

  • Hair tie
  • Hairspray
  • Curling wand (this is a personal reference depending on how tight you want the curls, my wand is a Conair curling wand .5″ - 1″)

Steps to success!

  1. Step #1. Put all your hair up in a high ponytail and tie it with a hair tie.
  2. Step #2. Tilt your head to the left and bring the ponytail to your left shoulder. Using the wand, start curling each small section on the left half of your ponytail away from your face. Repeat the same thing to the right side and remember to curl away from your face.
  3. Step #3. Once you’ve curled all your hair, hairspray the ponytail and then pull out the hair tie slowly so you won’t make it frizzy. Tousle your hair then bring it to the front to fix any straight pieces and your bangs. After fixing all the straight pieces, you are done!
  4. Step #4. When you hairspray your hair, first thing to do is flip your hair over then hairspray it. This way, it’ll make your hair more voluminous. Flip your hair back over and hairspray all over. You are finally done in 20 minutes!

Comment below and let me know if it works out for you!

How to Curl Long Hair in 20 Minutes!
Right after I finished curling
How to Curl Long Hair in 20 Minutes!
After the whole day…

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