10 Reasons Why You Love Your Little

The day I found out who my big was I could not contain my excitement. With her by my side I could achieve anything. She was the big sister I never had, and my best friend. I did not think it could get any better!

Soon after initiation, we began preparations for fall recruitment, and all the freshman were told we would be getting littles next year! Again, I was filled with uncontainable excitement! I began crafting for my little before spring semester even started, and I could hardly wait for next year! I met my little on bid day and I just knew.

10 Reasons Why You Love Your LittleWe’ve all had the moment where we’ve met our little and knew that they were ours. From the moment they become your little they will always have a place in your life, and you’ll always love them. Sometimes we forget how much our littles mean to us, but here are ten reason to remind you of how much you love your little.

  1. You can count on her to always love you.
  2. She is your biggest supporter.
  3. She’s the little sister you’ve always wanted but never had. Or maybe you wish she could’ve replaced one of your younger sisters growing up.
  4. She’s the keeper of all your secrets.
  5. She’s the most loyal friend you’ll ever have. Trust me. A guy breaks your heart? She hates him as much as you do. A girl crosses you? No worries. Your little thinks she’s annoying too.
  6. She’s the best wingman (uhh wingwoman?) you’ll ever need.
  7. If you need a girls night in, you can bet that she sits right along side you crying as y’all watch Titanic.
  8. She tells you what you need to hear - even if you don’t want her too.
  9. You can always vent to her, even if it’s the same conversation every time.
  10. She’s perfect… duh.

10 Reasons Why You Love Your Little

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