12 Reasons Why You Should Attend College In The South

Originally from the Midwest, the best decision I ever made was when I decided to go to school at the University of South Carolina. The south as always appealed to me, and when choosing between universities this was the perfect opportunity to experience something I never had before. Now a junior at USC, I know, without a doubt, that going to college in the south is the absolute best. Whether you attend USC, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn or Ole Miss you’ll have the best time of your life, and here’s why.12 Reasons Why You Should Attend College In The South

  1. SEC football isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life. In the south, football is a religion and every Saturday is a holy day.
  2. Dressing up for football games is foreign to most, but in the south, cowboy boots, dresses, and bowties are essential for game day.
  3. Football tailgates in the south are something you have to experience for yourself. Once you go to one, you’ll wonder why people still go to school in the north.
  4. The weather is perfect. You have 7 months of warm weather, and then a mild winter.
  5. School shuts down in the winter time if there is a mere chance that it’ll snow. Seriously, no one has any idea what to do when it snows.
  6. Bojangles’ chicken selects are life changing. My first day at USC was one for the books. I remember moving into my dorm, and later that night going to First Night Carolina at Williams Brice Stadium. Right across the street from the stadium was a Bojangles. My roommate asked me if there were Bojnalges up north, and I of course said no. She immediately took off in the direction of Bojangles. It was closed but she marched right up to the drive through window and knocked on it. Somehow she convinced them to serve us, and made me try their chicken selects. Since then I have been a loyal costumer.12 Reasons Why You Should Attend College In The South
  7. And while we are on the subject of food, I have to mention sweet tea. Now let me start off by saying this, there is sweet tea in the north but not sweeeeeet tea. I was never a huge fan of tea before coming to the south, but I swear in the tea down here is liquid gold straight from heaven.
  8. The campuses are gorgeous in the south.
  9. Southern schools usually have a large campus Greek populations. And you know the grand Georgian style mansions that you’ve seen on tv shows? Those actually exist in the south.
  10. Horse Races are most anticipated event of the spring. Everyone gets dolled up, paints coolers for their dates, and prepares for the all day event. If you’ve never been, you are definitely missing out.
  11. People in the south dress like Jackie, act like Audrey, inspire like Lilly, and party like Gatsby.
  12. Those who go to school in the south always have the best stories, the best experiences, and are the envy of everyone else. It’s as simple as that.

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