14 Things Only Curly Haired Girls Understand

  1. Bangs are never an option. You might consider bangs, or even get bangs and then know what a terrible mistake you have made. 14 Things Only Curly Haired Girls Understand
  2. You definitely have good hair days and bad hair days, even though you are the only one who can tell the difference.
  3. When you straighten you hair people will constantly tell you how different you look, and ask how long it took to straighten it.
  4. You constantly wonder why you weren’t alive during the 80’s because your hair would have fit in perfectly.
  5. You stand out in a crowd, and your friends can always spot you. “I thought I recognized your hair.”
  6. Unless you want to look like you’ve been electrocuted, you never brush your hair when it’s dry.
  7. You rock wet hair on a weekly basis. Blow drying your hair is just not a choice you have, mainly because you don’t own a hair dryer.
  8. If I had a penny for every time someone has asked me if my hair is natural, I wouldn’t need to take out student loans.14 Things Only Curly Haired Girls Understand
  9. You have a lifetime supply of Drano, and your maintenance guy probably hates you.
  10. You’ve had the same hairstyle for most of your life. There is honestly just not that much you can do with curly hair. Bangs, no. Bob, no. Pixie cut, definitely not.
  11. You just don’t relate to the movie scenes when a man runs his fingers through a woman’s hair.
  12. Straightening your hair in the summer is fighting a losing battle. Humidity always wins.
  13. Some days you feel like Carrie Bradshaw, and other days you channel your inner Shakira.
  14. Most importantly though, we all have had a moment when we finally come to terms with our curls, and decide to rock them every day.

XOXO – From one curly headed freak to another!

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