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30 Things I've Learned (so far) From Living in my Sorority House

As I write this, I lay in my death trap of a sorority bed and listen to the muffled shouts about how sucky finals are throughout the upstairs hallways of the Phi Sig Mansion. For as long as I can recall, I’ve always loved being surrounded by my girlfriends and longed to have a biological sister. As an outspoken, goofy and a straight weird child, I was always the one to have sleepovers whenever my mom and dad would allow it. I was always the one that would hide in my best friend’s playhouse when my mom would come pick me up so i wouldn’t have to pause the imaginary world I’d created to return home without my best friend.

Being surrounded by people who appreciate, love and get you, I believe, is the ultimate goal one can achieve when looking for friends to share your life with. I have found that and so much more in my own sorority. This first semester has been filled with many memorable and exciting things that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The weekends where we’d lay in each other’s beds watching a movie that’d get interrupted with gossip from the date party that occurred the night before. The nights spent in the formal that should have consisted of doing homework but turned into a therapy session about how communication had been completely cut off with the boy I was into. The days spent in the kitchen, eating, talking and laughing about anything and everything we could possibly think of just because we didn’t want to leave each other to go to class. I have truly learned more about my school, sorority and myself through this house.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned from living at 909 for the fall 2014 semester:30 Things I’ve Learned (so far) From Living in my Sorority House

  1. It will turn into a frat house on the weekends. There is no stopping this, it’s inevitable, let it happen.
  2. Something will break at least once a week. Whether it be the dryer, the banister on the stairs, or the microwave, it will break. I guess this builds character or something?
  3. Once you step foot in the house, privacy no longer exists.
  4. Especially in the bathroom. Regardless if the door is shut, it never stays shut for long.
  5. 24 hour quiet hours are a myth. They are supposed to apply during finals week but I’m sure people are laughing as they read this ridiculousness.
  6. Our chef (Chef Chris) is quite literally an angel sent from heaven. Not only does he make the most delicious food in all of ISU, he doubles as a therapist and can somehow put up with all 38 of us without wanting to jump off our back deck.
  7. The formal is our multipurpose room if we ever were to have one. Way too many things happen in that room with the hideous china.
  8. It takes 5 Phi Sigs to work the TV downstairs, exactly and precisely 5.
  9. If you want some crafting advice, inspiration and assistance, room 3 is definitely your spot to go.
  10. If you’re not getting ready in the upstairs quad with their unbelievable sound system, you’re doing it wrong.
  11. DSOD > PSOD, naturally.
  12. The grassy knoll in the back of our house is incomparable to any other spot at ISU.
  13. There is no problem too big that a walk to McDonald’s can’t solve.
  14. Never drop anything in any rug in the house. It will be eaten and it will never be regurgitated.
  15. The kitchen turns into a concert or dance club after two am.
  16. It’s also the place where you discover all of your questionable, unspeakable and down right hilarious actions of the evening.
  17. Everyone has a horror story about the two miniature bathrooms right behind the informal (if you want to call them that)
  18. Let’s just say our neighbors are not the biggest fans of ours and only use us for our dumpster.
  19. If you leave for an extended period of time, don’t expect your room to be in the exact condition it was in when you left.
  20. Prank wars are very real and make for the best snapchat stories.
  21. “What’s mine is yours” is the most relevant phrase in the house.
  22. There are at least 3 trips to get Dunkin iced coffee each day. Maria will most likely be on every one of those trips.
  23. This is not a house but a home.
  24. The girls that inhabit this home will always have your best interest in mind even when you forget to.
  25. You are never alone. Even when your door is shut and you’re smothered under your comforter, your door will be opened and your problems will somehow vanish.
  26. The memories made in this home are sacred and can never be duplicated.
  27. I would drop anything for anyone i live with.
  28. I know that these women would do the exact same thing for me.
  29. Time is not something that we can control but it is something that we can make use and take advantage of.
  30. We will forever be the women of 909 and we will always be lookin’ fine.

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