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22 Unwritten Rules That Come With Being A Roommate

We’ve all been there: move in day and you finally get to meet your new roommate face-to-face. You two have been texting all summer and planning out the highlights of the semester. It has been said that the only way to really know someone is to live with them. If you were unfortunate enough to be placed with Leighton Meester’s twin from the movie The Roommate,__ we all will say a prayer for you.

I had a horrid experience my first semester away at college (my dorm building went on fire a total of 6 times that semester, and I had a police report against my roommate) and learned a whole lot from it. Here are some tips and pointers that will create a bond with your roommate and ensure a wonderful semester!

  1. Hold her hair back when she comes home after a night out on the town/ if she is sick (CRUCIAL, she’d do it for you!)
  2. Take pictures of her dancing on the bar (Pics or it didn’t happen)
  3. Invite on all Wine/Movie Nights
  4. Sharing of any care packages from home
  5. Road trips to each other’s hometowns on long weekends/breaks
  6. “Your butt looks fantastic”
  7. A bottle of her favorite liquor for her birthday
  8. Take all of her pre-game selfies AND give honest approval
  9. Do not continue your Netflix series without her
  10. If she hates Rachel, you hate Rachel
  11. Be her significant other when a creeper hits on her at the bar (Straight necessity)
  12. Borrowing of outfits
  13. Return those outfits washed, woman!
  14. Give her a heads up if your boyfriend is staying over
  15. Keep any roomie drama within your dorm
  16. “Are you gonna dress cute or homeless?”
  17. Let her in if she forgets her keys and knocks on your door at 3AM, but give her heck for it the next day
  18. Do not hook up with her past flames (“That’s just like, the rules of feminism”)
  19. If she falls asleep while studying, remove the books from her bed and tuck her in
  20. Before removing the books, add that to your Snapchat story
  21. But no screenshotted Snapchats shall make it on to Twitter or Instagram
  22. Come together, leave together

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