14 Things You've Definitely Said To Your Little

“Little”. Is there any other world that can make someone more proud? I know when my Big called me her Little, my heart melted. I remember standing there, frantically putting homemade puzzle pieces together and when my Big’s name was legible, I ran faster than I have on any treadmill.

14 Things You’ve Definitely Said To Your Little
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Not to mention when I got my little I cried like I just won the lottery. My family is better than any meticulous cash prize. My relationship with my family (or fambam as we call it), is far more greater than any boy could ever provide, sorry not sorry boyfriend. In case you have just gotten a little, or have had one for a while now, here are some things you most definitely have (or need to) tell your little:

  1. “You’re mine for a reason.”
  2. “There will never be anyone like you.”
  3. “If any boy hurts you, I’ll break their face.”
  4. “TSM…”
  5. “Like Big, Like Little.”
  6. “You’ll be in my wedding some day.”
  7. “We need more letters!”
  8. “What did I ever do to deserve you”
  9. “Dance with me! RIGHT NOW!”
  10. “OMG! WE MATCH!”
  11. “You’re way prettier than her, don’t worry.”
  12. “You are going to achieve so much in this sorority.”
  13. “Don’t ever leave me.”
  14. “I love you.”

If you haven’t said these things to your little, find her. Remind her that you’re the perfect big little pair because you’re exactly the same, that boys are stupid but when you do marry some dumb boy she will be in your wedding, and that these letters you both share are eternal. I thank god that I’m my Big’s and that I have the Little that I do. Never let them forget that. XO

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