2016, I Like The Old Me

Dear 2016, I like the old me.

OK, New Year’s Eve rant, start… now. I can honestly say: I hate being asked what my New Year’s Resolution is going to be. I can’t even tell you what I plan on eating for breakfast tomorrow, if I plan on wearing a bra in public, or if I remembered where I parked my car on campus. Heck, like most basic white girls I’ll say it’s “going to the gym”, and then quit after two weeks because commitment is hard and demanding.

But nevertheless, I think at the beginning of the year goals are silly. I’ll set a goal for myself in my planner to accomplish what I need to on a week to week basis, not what I want to change about myself or the life I live. Is it so conceited to actually like myself? What’s so wrong with life happening and setting these goals as life comes to you? When I look back on each year, I’ve done a lot, with the “let’s just wing it” motto.


  • I became a college representative for Headbands of Hope, seriously the most charitable and fashionable thing I have ever done.
  • I somehow passed Public Relations Writing, seriously thank you Lord Jesus.
  • I became a Grand Big, that’s when you know you’re old.
  • I spent my summer in Europe, like what more can I say? #Incredible
  • My case study research paper has been nominated to participate in a Communication Conference; honestly I was just shooting for an A.

2016, I Like The Old Me


  • I became Membership Recruitment Chair for Phi Sigma Sigma, much stress…so rewarding,
  • I added an Art minor to my degree, because ceramics and photography were far too much fun.


  • I lived with three other girls for the first time in my life, seriously ladies thank you for the extra closet options and trouble making.
  • I got my Big, who to this day is an inspiration even five hours away.


  • I managed to say: “I love you,” to a man without vomiting due to disgust or intoxication, miracle I know.

2016, I Like The Old Me

I could add so much to this, but you get the point: I didn’t make a list of these things while confetti was blasting and noise makers in my ear, those things just happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve set prior goals to achieve what I have, but they were nowhere near planned at the beginning of the year.

So sorority readers, or normal people who stumbled across this article, don’t make ridiculous goals in light of 2016, take this opportunity to reflect on what you’ve done, and what you will do whenever life decides to unfold. Take it from someone who is about to graduate college with no internship lined up yet, I’m still crossing my fingers my professional career as an online shopper and nap enthusiast pulls through, let life just be, I’d rather live in the moment than make plans for the future anyway.

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