4 Easy Steps on How to Maintain Your Own Eyebrows

Alright ladies, I know we all want the perfect eyebrows that are on fleek all the time. I know I feel extra confident whenever my eyebrows look absolutely amazing. So here we go the 4 easiest steps on how to maintain your eyebrows!

1. Get those puppies waxed!

I know that it sounds super scary when someone says okay lets wax your eyebrows but here is the thing if you get them wax it takes a shorter time than tweezing them so that means the pain is only for a split second instead of five to ten minutes of plucking. Go to your hair dresser (if you do not have one go to your local hair/ nail salon and ask if they do eyebrows as well) and ask if that salon does eyebrows if so ask her if she can do yours.

2. Tweeze, tweeze, and did I mention tweeze

Tweezing your eyebrows is almost a necessity. You cannot go and get your eyebrows waxed every single week so tweezing is your next best option. You can get tweezers at your local store like Walmart, Target, etc. or you can spoil yourself and go to Ulta or Sephora and buy tweezers there!

3. Shape and fill

Shaping and filling can look a little scary and almost unnecessary but really it is what gives your eyebrows the extra oomph that they need to look fabulous. I personally use an eyebrow pencil from Lancome in the blonde shade (perfect for brown eyebrows). The pencil can shape and fill in the eyebrow so that it is all one shade and looks as if the brow is thicker. There are liquid and creme ways to fill in your eyebrows but I personally prefer the pencil but to each ones own. Tutorials can be found on youtube for how you can find the best filling techniques for you!

4. Highlight

Highlighting underneath the brow can give the brow more definition on your face. You can use the same highlighter that you would use when you contour your face. You can also highlight with a light eyeshadow. What I personally do is whenever I do my eyeshadow I pick a light color either a white or a light soft pink to highlight underneath my eyebrows in order to make the eyebrows look more defined and it adds a little something to my eyeshadow.

Alright now that your eyebrows look fabulous and you are feeling extra confident in your look go ahead take that selfie and post wherever you feel fit because you are beautiful and the world should know it!

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