5 Reasons Why Fall is Absolutely The Best Season

Hey Friends! Alright so it is finally fall and it is the perfect time to break out those leggings, oversized sweaters, and fabulous boots that you have just been dying to break out of your closet. Although it is kinda cliched I just want to share with you guys why fall is the absolute best season of the year!

1. The Clothes!

I am a total cliche when it comes to fall clothing so of course it makes the top of the list for why fall is the absolute best season of them all. As much as I love myself a cute bikini while lounging on the beach soaking up the summer sun; I would much rather curl up with a book in some leggings, fuzzy socks, and huge sweater. Fall is also a wonderful time for shoes. I am a shoe nut myself so when I see a girl with some awesome boots on most likely I am going to stop her and be like “I need your boots! Where in the world did you get them?!”

2. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

I am true to the girl stereotype and I definitely count down the days til Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Honestly I love pumpkin anything at any point in the year but of course fall gives us wonderful access when it comes to anything pumpkin. Also Bath and Body Works comes out with all of their pumpkin scented candles and lotions. If you happen to be looking for me, you can definitely catch me with something pumpkin in my hands!

3. The Festivities

I do not know about you guys but Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite holidays. Halloween gives you an excuse to dress up and be someone else for a night or maybe a whole weekend, you might even get to talk to that hot guy you’ve been thinking of! Where do I even begin talking about Thanksgiving, well obviously food is the best thing in the world and I love stuffing my face with mashed potatoes and turkey on that day. Who else is with me on that one?

4. The Weather

Although I love the summer time heat, I definitely get a little overwhelmed at times. I have to say this lovely neutral temperature of the fall season makes me happy because its not so cold that I feel that I need to bundle up for the next ice age but its chilly enough to wear a scarf and a hoodie. As a student its nice that in the morning when i start class I might only need a nice jacket and by the time it is time to chow down for lunch the jacket can come off and I’m free to enjoy the sun!

5. Time for school!

Alright hear me out on this one. Although class is not the most exciting thing in the world being on a college campus definitely could be. College is a time to enjoy yourself and make new friends. Also right now we are all reuniting with our sisters or if you are new member, like me, you are just getting to know them and everything is all fresh and new. Even though being able to just enjoy a summer day without a care in the world when it comes to homework which trust me I miss, school is definitely a good time!

Well as you can tell I am an avid supporter of the fall season! So now that I am done telling you about why fall is the best I am now going to go enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while it lasts!

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