8 Reasons Why The Gyno is Literally The Worst Place Ever

According to the Dictionary, Gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system.

According to every other girl on the table, pant-less and shameful it’s an awkward vortex of anxiety. Since I know you’ll all agree that getting hit by an 18-wheeler is more ideal than this place, here are eight reasons the gyno, is a big no.

  1. You literally have to describe your symptoms that make you feel like you have the sexual appeal of a potato. There is nothing sexy about a yeast infection. Sorry, not sorry.
  2. Everything is so damn cold. Because nothing is more soothing than the artic tundra down there
  3. Every medical term is no where near equivalent to how you’re feeling. Doctor says: Urinary Tract Infection. I say: Fire breathing dragon under the hood.
  4. They try to make casual conversation with you while you’re spread eagle in stirrups. Like, this is more awkward than telling Grandma at Thanksgiving that you’re still single.
  5. The phrase: “Can you scoot a little closer.” Yes sure, because the skill: walking on my butt cheeks will be a lovely resume builder.
  6. The need to feel perfectly shaved for them. Like hey, doc, wanna grab lunch after this?
  7. Actually, scratch that your doctor is probably judging you based on how many dates you’ve gone on this year. It’s been a lonely year okay.
  8. After poking, prying, and endless interrogation, the only logical answer is to run away as fast as possible. Toodaloo.

Anyway you look at it; it’s nowhere near as fun as formal, mixers, chapter meetings, or being thrown under an 18-wheeler. However, your lady parts are important so take care of them, awkward texting will get you through just about anything!

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