8 Things Only Girls With Little Feet Will Understand

1. You can never borrow shoes from ANYONE.

No, seriously. Anyone. And when you just HAVE to have white shoes for initiation and you can’t find any in your size, you have to stuff toilet paper in the toes of someone else’s so you can at least pretend they fit.

2. No one can borrow shoes from you either.

That feeling when you KNOW you have the perfect pair of shoes to go with your friend’s outfit, but there’s no point in offering because her feet will never fit in them.

3. You can never find heels in your size.

This has to be the most frustrating thing ever. Very, very rarely you’ll by some miracle stumble across a pair of size 5 heels, but even then they might be too big. i get that heels in children’s sizes might be a little inappropriate, but someone needs to think of us big girls with baby feet!

4. Always checking the children’s section.

Sixty dollars for a pair of converse? That’s a stretch. Let’s just check the children’s side of the store… Oh, hey, thirty bucks! I can totally get on board with that.

5. Being really upset when the children’s section only goes up to a size two.

Where are the threes and fours people?!

6. Being made fun of for shopping in the children’s section.

Listen, it’s not my fault.

7. Hearing “your feet are so small!” on a daily basis.

No, seriously. You don’t have to tell me. I live with them. I buy shoes for them. I know they’re little.

8. Secretly loving when people notice how small they are.

Well, I suppose they are pretty cute…

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