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Anonymous Rebuttal: A Reminder of Greek Unity

Greek life takes enough stereotypical blows as it is; we should always strive to stand as a whole, rather than tear each other down. Here’s a little reminder that Greek unity is essential (and a few reasons why).

Anonymous Rebuttal: A Reminder of Greek Unity
Phi Sigma Sigma & Alpha Omicron Pi at Halloween

Okay, I get it: we love our letters, what we stand for, and our sisterhood more than anything. As a member of two chapters of Phi Sigma Sigma (yes, I did the unspoken and transferred), I have seen different forms of my sorority. It has confirmed that I was truly meant to wear the letters that I do. But let us not forget the other sororities on campus and the unity we should share. Each chapter on campus is leadership driven, has philanthropy events, and amazing character. Instead of seeing everything as competition, challenge yourself to support other organizations and the motivated women in them. Greek unity is motivating one another to achieve greatness.

There are a great number of girls on my campus whose letters are different from my own. Nevertheless, I have had some great moments with them, and consider them close friends. They made coming to my new school a breeze and I instantly had so many beautiful women to connect with and shared a passion. Greek unity should always be becoming friends with women in other organizations and laughing over a Starbucks.

Anonymous Rebuttal: A Reminder of Greek Unity
Phi Sigma Sigma & Alpha Sigma Tau

Some of my very best friends from high school are in other greek organizations and I love watching them embrace the beauty that is sisterhood. I never resented them for picking an organization that wasn’t my own and I love chatting with them about the impacts our sororities have created for us. Whoever said: “No matter the letter, we are all greek together”, deserves the ultimate TSM award. Greek unity is seeing the beauty in other sororities and remembering that they are just another version of your chapter. Except for the differential of our letters, we are all women who share the same desire and passion to be a part of something substantial in college.

Greek life is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love having friends in different organizations. Showing harmony towards one another goes beyond your college years. This year, challenge yourself and your sisters: to step out of our own sisterhood and into another’s, strive to motivate other greek members rather than tear them down, and above all else embrace greek life all together.

Anonymous Rebuttal: A Reminder of Greek Unity
Delta Zeta & Phi Sigma Sigma

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