Baking/Cooking It's Not Just For the Kitchen: A New Makeup Technique

Guess what, ladies? Baking is not just for the kitchen. As it turns out, baking your face is a great way to get the perfect highlight!

As an avid beauty buff I always search through Pinterest and Youtube for the best new way to do makeup. As I was scrolling through Pinterest I came upon this post that was about baking/cooking. The picture showed a really beautiful girl with what looked like flour on her cheeks and chin and forehead.

The link took me to this YouTube post by Heidi Hamoud and I started watching the video. Heidi came on the screen giving a tutorial on how to bake your face using concealer, a translucent powder, your normal day to day colored powder and then contouring. I watched this video twice and was stunned by how flawless her face looked after she did this technique. I thought to myself alright, I have to try this for myself.

I found myself in the Sephora store, my go to store for the best beauty product and picking up the at time expensive ingredients to get this perfectly baked look. I picked up Tarte’s marajuca creaseless concealer, Nar’s radiant creamy concealer, Laura Mercier’s loose translucent powder, and the Anastasia powder contouring kit in light to medium. I rushed home rematched the video (for the third time I might add) and I followed step by step and completed the baking process. In my personal opinion I loved how beautiful my skin looked and how flawless my highlight looked and how even more defined my contouring was. I fell absolutely in love with this technique and honestly it did not take too long to do. It probably added about ten minutes to my routine and it added a lot to my overall look.

For anyone who at all is interested in this technique I definitely advise checking out Heidi Hamoud and baking! I give this technique a big thumbs up and I would advise giving it a shot if you are at all interested in makeup! Good luck ladies!

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