Confessions of an About To Be Senior

As I start my final year of college I can’t help but think one thing: I’m not ready. I’m not ready to turn in a life of letter attire, mixer nights, and the consistent company of my sisters, just to trade it into a life of 5am wake up calls Monday-Friday and other icky adult like things. For all of those ladies in the Class of 2016 who feel the same, here are a few confessions, thoughts, and feelings to the road to adulthood and how to make your senior year the best:

  1. Thursday Nights: This year I will take every mixer theme the extreme and will stay till 2am because in the real world it isn’t socially acceptable to go out in costume with a chugger in hand chanting when midnight strikes.
  2. Attend every Greek event (whether or not it is my own organization): Because supporting other organizations, being charitable, and giving back are all characteristics that can surpass being in a sorority.
  3. Get to know the younger sisters: As an older sister, it’s sometimes hard to relate to the ones coming into your organization. However, see the excitement and potential that the new pledge class has and remind yourself that you were once there. Allow that to remind you why you joined and have it be a great connection for you and the younger sisters.
  4. 21 Fun: with being of legal age, it’s fun to see what nights your local bar has, which can lead to bonding with sisters and other sorority girls. I know coming from a small college town, Monday night trivia make for great sisterhood bonding (and of course some friendly competition)
  5. Alumni Networking: One of the many perks of being in an organization is utilizing connections that older sisters may have. See what connections alumni sisters may have to get you perfect job opportunities.

Although growing up is inevitable, sisterhood really is forever. This “About to be Senior” isn’t ready for adulthood, taxes, house shopping, marriage, and kids but that’s life. Make your senior year worth it: go to every tailgate, interview for that job you don’t think you cant get, spend every second with your sisters you love because before you know it, you’re a college graduate. Make that bucket list and have fun doing it with your sisters! Here’s to senior year!

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