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The End Is Near… Initiation Is Here!

Throughout this personal journey of becoming a sorority sister, the most alluring and most desirable thing of this whole process was initiation. I, as well as my other pledge sisters, could not wait to become finally a part of this giant family that we had spent weeks with. Although I cannot give away all of my secrets I can give you a little insight into what it was like to finally reach the end of the road!

The night before as us new members waited patiently discussing the day to come we grew more and more anxious. Actually we were downright terrified. We just wanted to know what was going to happen and how and when. All these aching questions and no one to give us the answers. We tried to sleep cuddled in our blankets and pillows, huddled together and trust me sleep did not come easily.

We woke up at the crack of dawn (actually it was more like 8 am) and as we groggily rose up out of our safe warm blankets to a light of a new day we realized that here it was. Initiation day was finally here! We hustled to get ready and we followed the specifications down to the letter. We rushed to the location and we knew it was time. We waited and waited and it was all finally here. We knew that our bigs and other respected sisters would be sitting in the audience judging us and to be honest that had to be the scariest part. We were terrified throughout the whole entire thing.

Finally, it was all over and we were all initiated sisters and it was time to join with our bigs and finally get our first pair of letters that we could wear all over campus with pride knowing that we earned our place among our sisters. I was so excited and fell in love with each gift that big and g-big got me. I jumped for joy and hugged them as tightly as humanly possible. I think it is safe to say that initiation day was one of the best days of my life. I learned a lot through this whole process and one of those lessons is to just have faith that your sisters have your back no matter what you are going through.

Good luck to all those sisters out there and future ones who will go through initiation, trust me it is definitely worth the wait!

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