Why #LoveWins… For Kappa Sigma Frat Brothers, Too

Normally here at Sorority Stylista, us sorority girls write articles about Greek Life, style and shopping techniques, recruitment tactics, philanthropy strategies, and other various behaviors and cultures of college life. But I’m going to set my sass aside, which trust me is almost impossible, and post about something true to my heart: love. Love in the sense who to love and the rights we have to express it. And, yes, I’m talking about same sex marriage.

I look at my friends who are gay and feel for them. How the heck can our society deny or belittle a person because of their desire to love and be loved. Relationships are hard enough as it is, restricting the options of who to love based on sexual orientation doesn’t make it easier. I would be damned if society told me who to give my heart to. “Forbidden Love” is so Romeo and Juliet, not to mention it didn’t work out well for them. Nevertheless, finding out the Supreme Court legalized all forms of marriage is huge, but its just the beginning of something beautiful. I hope I can see the day couples of any kind can hold hands and love without the fear of glares and close-minded judgments. Because to me, the highest form of ignorance is judging something you know nothing about.

I asked two of my sassy, fabulously gay, and good hearted Kappa Sigma fraternity men to give me some feed back in light of the legalization of gay marriage:

Cool, but I can still be fired for being gay, I still can’t donate blood, I still can’t adopt in many areas of the country, etc etc etc.” Basically, while I’m not going to say marriage isn’t a big deal, there’s a lot of other equally big deals affecting the lgbtqa+ community that haven’t been addressed or even publicly recognized. I fear a lot of people think marriage is the conclusion to the gay rights movement. It’s all the gets talked about. But in reality, marriage was only ever like, 10% of the issue. There are so many other legal protections that lgbtqa+ people lack that the marriage decision, while exciting and definitely historical, was like someone giving you the icing, but not the cake. - Chris Gordon

Furthermore, same sex marriage (which should really just be called marriage) isn’t ruining the reputation or bonds of union. Some threats that ruin the institution of marriage are: Infidelity, hate, indifference, and fear. Which can come across any person, at any time. Same sex marriage isn’t ruining a child’s future; a lack of guidance and neglect ruins their future.

Why #LoveWins… For Kappa Sigma Frat Brothers, Too

There are a lot of people who are trying to ban gay marriage and it is really irksome. I just want everyone to realize that homosexual men and women being granted permission to marry has nothing to do with them and does not affect their lives at all. It’s offensive when people act like it does. I would also love to take away the “gay” in “gay marriage” and just call it marriage, because it’s about two people who love each other, not about sexual orientation. Now, this is obviously a step in the right direction, but I almost feel like the government just threw us a bone and they want us to be happy now. - Rex Gregory</p> At the end of the day, love can and will always win. Life is too short to live for anyone but for you. And even though I’ve been in Europe all summer, I’m so proud to be coming back to a country where love is beginning to have no boundaries or limitations. Break out the rainbow darling - it looks good on you.

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