Be Philanthropic This Fall With Headbands of Hope

How incredible is it that fashion can have an impact on helping the fight against childhood cancer? As a girl who loves fashion and has a box full of headbands, I quickly and eagerly jumped on the opportunity to be a representative of Headbands of Hope, an organization devoted to childhood cancer awareness, for my university.

Did you know that in the United States, one in five children with diagnosed with cancer will not survive? Did you know that childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease – more than AIDS, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and congenital anomalies, combined? Did you know that worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every 3.5 minutes? Don’t let your future legacy babies be at risk, take a stand and make a difference!

For every headband sold, Headbands of Hope will give a headband to a little girl who is battling cancer. This simple hair accessory reminds little girls of their feminine quality, beauty, and how strong they truly are.

Be Philanthropic This Fall With Headbands of Hope

As a representative, when you’re checking out your headbands online, use my personal promotion code: andreahope to receive an extra little discount on your own purchase! Now, go shop!

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