What Your Purse Brand Says About You

We all have that perfect bag that is our go to whenever we leave the house. The thing is your choice in that perfect bag definitely says something about you and your sense of fashion!

1. Kate Spade

When I think Kate, I definitely feel a deep bond with Blair Waldorf for all my lovely gossip girl fans out there. The Kate Spade line screams classy-meets-glam New York socialite. Whenever I have my Kate, on my arm I feel ready to rule the world, or at least rule college campus.

2. Michael Kors

For all you lovely ladies who cannot live without your Michael Kors handbag, I can relate. The metallic gloss of his pieces and the fresh timeless style that comes with Michael on your arm definitely has you feeling like you could walk the catwalk, or at least strut down the sidewalk to your 9am lecture across campus.

3. Coach

Whenever I hold my Coach bag in my hand, I definitely have a “glow up” moment. Coach was the first brand name purse to ever grace my arm, so I definitely have a deep connection with the brand. I remember the bright colors - which reminds me of a young me (who wore way too much bright eye shadow). Now Coach has settled into the love of pastel colors, which makes me feel older and more sophisticated, like my Naked eyeshadow does!

4. Louis Vuitton

If you have a Louis, you, my dear, are doing the most! The Louis makes you feel like you are Beyonce as you walk from class to class, hair flipping the whole way. I mean, who doesn’t want to be queen B?

Keep hair flipping and strutting your stuff with that beautiful handbag on your arm, girl!

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