Why It's Totally Okay To Say Goodbye

I mean, you can’t keep every friend you’ve ever met… there aren’t enough hours in the day for that! With that being said, you’re going to go through life and there are going to be those that stick with you and those that will fade away. But with both, there are some lessons that can be learned.

1. You learn how to handle a loss.

Breaking off a friendship is kind of like breaking up with your S/O… it’s going to be awkward because you will probably see them very often still, but keep your head up.

2. Just because you’re not friends anymore doesn’t mean you don’t care anymore.

Life paths don’t always go in the same direction and to think that your 2nd grade BFFL will be by your side after college may be a little lofty. And if you go different directions, that’s ok!

3. You will know how to avoid those types of friends in the future.

“Your mom sees shady friends before you realize it!” I know you’ve heard this before, and it’s so true! When you finally realize this friend isn’t a great person, you can be on the lookout for those traits when you meet new people.

4. It will take the weight off your shoulders.

Unfortunately, bad friends are very time consuming… When you remove negativity (whether you realize it or not) from your life it will improve instantly.

Even though you may have thought that those friends were going to last forever, some just aren’t meant to be. You just have to remember that it’s okay! Letting friends come and go is part of growing up and understanding who you are.

So go be you, and be awesome!

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