What's In My Backpack?

So as we start to wrap up the first week of school at Slippery Rock University, I decided to show you what helps me get through classes and stay organized!

  1. My Planner: Literally a life saver! I carry my planner almost everywhere I go because I can never remember what I’ve got going on… oops. I break my planner up by pen color. Each class and club has a certain color that I keep track of with a key.
  2. A Variety of Pens, Highlights and a Single Pencil: First off, I hate pencil. I’m a hard writer and I end up breaking lead like it’s my job. So pens it is! I always have a highlighter just ’cause. (fyi, I have a pen addiction)
  3. A Granola Bar: I get hungry, duh.
  4. Body Spray and Gum: Because ya never know who you’ll run into!
  5. Headphones: For when I want to buckle down and block out the noise.
  6. Chapstick/Lip balm: There’s nothing worse than sitting in class with dry lips…
  7. A Tampon and Excedrin: Because we’ve all been in the situation where we have asked 30 girls and no one has one. Ask me, 99% of the time I will be your fairy godmother in that regard. I carry Excedrin because I get headaches pretty easily.
  8. Notebooks and folders: Do I need to explain this one?
  9. iPad: To either burn time or to pull something up in class that I forgot to print.
  10. Wallet: I just stick my wallet in my backpack because I am not about having a backpack AND a purse… too much to keep tabs on.
  11. Reusable Water Bottle: It makes me actually drink water, plus my campus has filtered water fountains with bottle filling stations.
  12. Extra Bobby Pins: Those really just find their way into my backpack… I’m not really sure how yet.
  13. Pack of Tissues: Other than chapped lips, a sniffily nose is also in the top 5 worse things in a classroom.
  14. Flashdrive/Jumpdrive: Putting your work on one of these helps declutter your email!

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