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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Not Join A Sorority

College is the time in your life when you meet new people, join different clubs and organizations, and realize what you want to do with life. It is a time where you broaden your mind and find new things that interest you. One of these things is joining a Greek Life organization. I was never the sorority type, however when I transferred to my college, all I thought about was joining something bigger than I was and being involved with my community and school. Sometimes joining an organization like this is not what you always expect so I am here to tell you how joining a Greek organization is not for every person.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Not Join A Sorority

  1. Do not join a sorority if you do not want to help out your community. A sorority is a sisterhood that is very involved in the community and sisters work together for long hours at soup kitchens or even cleaning the streets of a city, like Oneonta in central New York. If you aren’t a fan of holding food/toy drives and making a less fortunate family happy during the holiday season, then being a part of a sisterhood is not for you.
  2. There are several kinds of sororities, small and large, international and national. Some sororities are rapidly growing as well and have 100+ chapters! Networking is a very helpful tool for sisters who are in need of an internship or even a job. If you do not want to be apart of something that can improve your resume and can probably help you out in the long run, then this organization is not meant for you.
  3. If you are not looking for life-long friends or people to always have your back, do not consider this sisterhood. I am the oldest girl in my new member class and I would have never imagined myself being so close with these incredible individuals. These young women have been by my side every minute of every day and they are always there to make me laugh when I need it or just someone to talk too. With that being said, I consider my sorority my home away from home. I have made the best of friends in my chapter and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. We have seen each other at our best and worst and because of that, we have all gotten that much closer. Of course there are times when we bicker or disagree on things but that just shows our individualities but what brings us together as one is that we are there for each other regardless of the situation.
  4. Don’t join a sorority if you do not want to help raise materials for students across the country. My sorority’s philanthropy is School and College Readiness and if you don’t want to help collect school supplies for those students who are in need of them to fulfill their education, then this organization is not the right one for you.
  5. Last but not least, do not join a sorority if you are not willing to push yourself and become a leader. Our motto is “Aim High,” and if you are not willing to give each community service, philanthropy or recruitment event your all, then you better sit this one out. Phi Sig is an organization with strong and determined young women who work exceptionally hard and have the determination to accomplish any goal given to them. We work as a team and we go above and beyond to be the best sorority we can be.
Top Five Reasons Why You Should Not Join A Sorority
Phi Sigma Sigma Philanthropy Event

Being in Phi Sigma Sigma has taught me so many things, from being a responsible, hardworking sister to the value of giving back. I am thankful I have become apart of such an amazing organization and if you decide to join a Greek organization, you will know exactly which one you belong too.

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