8 Signs He'll be the Perfect Formal Date

Finding a formal date is always a stressful thing, especially when you don’t know whether they’ll be a good date or not. Here are 8 signs that the guy you chose will be the perfect date for you!8 Signs He’ll be the Perfect Formal Date

  1. He wants to match with you. We all know how cute it is to match with your formal date. Whether we say we care or not, everyone knows that deep down inside you hope you guys color coordinate. So, if your wannabe date asks what color your dress is or what color tie he should wear, you know you’ve found a keeper!
  2. He has friends that are going. No girl wants a date to be clinging to her the whole time. If you find a guy who has multiple friends going to your formal as well, it’s perfect! He’ll have his boys to spend time with while you’re with your sisters!
  3. He’s outgoing. This may be one of the most important signs! If your date doesn’t know a lot of people then you want to make sure he’s an outgoing person, not a shy guy. You want him to meet all your sisters and their dates and have fun with everyone at your formal so you don’t feel bad if he’s not talking to people!
  4. He doesn’t mind taking a lot of pictures with you. Formal is the perfect excuse to Instagram twice in one night or put up hundreds of pictures on Facebook so, make sure your date won’t mind taking a bunch of pictures with you!
  5. He doesn’t mind taking a lot of pictures for you. With the role of formal date comes the role of photographer. Guys, we don’t mean to be annoying but, if you’re a girl’s date be prepared to be taking a lot of pictures of her and her sisters!
  6. He’s respectful. You always want to bring a guy who has some respect for you and is respectful in general! No girl wants to be dealing with a rude boy all night!
  7. Your friends approve. Nothing seals the deal without your friends approval! They must meet him first and always approve of him before you make any final decisions! After all, they always have your best interests in mind!
  8. You like him! Whether it’s as a friend or as something a little more, hopefully you like your date! It’s so much more fun to take someone who you like instead of a random guy that someone set you up with! In the end, you’re the one taking him and you want to make sure you’ll enjoy his company.

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