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"Can't Repeat the Past… Why of Course You Can!"

There’s no doubt that the Great Gatsby has rocketed back into pop culture. The classic book by F. Scott Fitzgerald turned phenomenal movie directed by Baz Luhrmann portrays a life of carefree luxury and big parties, two things that those in Greek life love! So it didn’t surprise me at all when “Great Fratsby” parties started popping up on campuses all over the country. Alabama Alpha had their own “Great Fratsby” mixer with Sigma Alpha Epsilon and it was a definite hit. Here are some of my tips for dressing like you party with Gatsby.

“Can’t Repeat the Past… Why of Course You Can!”
Three of our new members went all out for our Great Fratsby mixer with SAE!

A cute dress is a must. If you don’t have a flapper type dress, go for either an all black dress or something with tons of beads!

“Can’t Repeat the Past… Why of Course You Can!”
Kathryn took a different road and wore a beautiful head piece for our Great Fratsby mixer.

Head bands or a head-piece is essential. They are super easy to make, and you can find supplies at your local craft store. Some of the standard ones I’ve seen are thin sparkly bands that stretch with a cute brooch and feathers glued on. Another cute option is a head scarf!

“Can’t Repeat the Past… Why of Course You Can!”
These roommates show two examples of layering on pearls!

Layer on the pearls. Pearls are a southern sorority girl’s best friend, but don’t bring out your grandmother’s pearls for this event. Grab a long strand of costume pearls and tie them in a knot at the end, instant 1920’s glam!

“Can’t Repeat the Past… Why of Course You Can!”
Red lipstick is a must!

Lastly, don’t be afraid of some red lipstick!

Have fun, don’t be afraid to glam it up, and remember: Always party like Gatsby.

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