Flannel Isn't Just for Lumberjacks

Flannel is perfect to throw on over a t-shirt to keep warm or dress up for class

Flannel Isn’t Just for Lumberjacks
Flannel shirt paired with skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and Chacos.

Flannel has always gotten a bit of a bad rap among most people. Usually a flannel shirt is reserved for lumberjacks or mixer outfits, but everyone needs one in their regular wardrobe. Personally, I love flannel shirts, they’re comfortable, anyone can throw them on over leggings or skinny jeans, and they’re perfect for when you want to look cute but don’t want to dress up too much. Flannel can come in an array of different colors, but classic flannel shirts are darker colors and worn in just enough so they’re perfectly soft. Thrift stores are a great place to find quality worn in flannel shirts, after a quick wash they’re good to go!

My flannel shirts are mostly from L.L. Bean or from the thrift store, and my favorite way to style one is thrown over top of a t-shirt, paired with cuffed skinny jeans and my Chacos. A ton of girls wear different varieties of this outfit all over Birmingham-Southern’s campus, each adding their own touch with different colors of flannel and accessories. This outfit is perfect for those days when you want to be comfortable and easy to throw on to keep warm when studying or just bumming around campus.

Flannel Isn’t Just for Lumberjacks
Flannel shirt paired with leggings, riding boots, and a Columbia vest to keep warm!

The other way I love to wear my flannel is when I want to dress it up a bit. I recently paired my flannel shirt with a Columbia vest, leggings, and a pair of riding boots for a ski lodge party. I was so comfortable all night and I didn’t have to worry about being too warm. This is also a good way to wear flannel if you want to dress it up a bit more for class or to go out to dinner with some friends. Also, adding a cute necklace or a stack of bracelets can always dress up a look if that’s what you’re going for!

Even if flannel isn’t your go-to look, I’d recommend having at least one comfy flannel in your wardrobe for those nights when you want to be comfortable and warm, but still look cute!

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