23 Items Every College Student Should Buy

  1. A ~good~ planner: Whether its Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, Day Designer, or something you grabbed from Wal-Mart, I cannot express how important owning a good planner that works well for you is! If you need 1 page per day, find a planner that can do that for you! If you need only a little pocket planner, grab one on the go! Nothing is more essential for college than being on top of your social and school calendars.
  2. An extra phone charger: What are you gonna do when you forget your phone charger at your boyfriend’s house? Or if two of your friends’ phones are on 3%? Or if you desperately require your phone charger, but you’re using it to charge your iPod? Having an extra phone charger will change your spirit. You can leave one in your car! Or your BF’s house or your BFF’s house. *If you really desire to change your life, get an extra long phone charger! It was absolutely magical.*
  3. Netflix/Hulu/ Amazon Prime account: Whether you steal your parent’s password or if you are a true adult and create your own, having a video streaming account will be just for you. Whether catching a few episodes after class or binge watching 4 seasons in a weekend, these movies and shows will be a great stress relief!
  4. A good travel mug: Whether you fill it with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, its always safe to have a travel mug that is sealed to use on the go! If you are like me, you fill this with your favorite drink every morning and carry it to your first class or to the library in the evening.
  5. A smartphone: As much as it hurts me to say this, I think having a smartphone or a mobile device that connects to wifi. Being able to check your email is on the go! You never know when a professor will cancel class or ship out a reminder about an assignment and its important to stay up to date.
  6. An everyday go-to shoe: Whether it is a pair of converse, boat shoes, loafers, or a reasonable pair of sandals, every girl needs the shoe that she will wear almost every day. It could be the same shoe in five different colors! Or 1 shoe that just goes with everything, every girl has this shoe and you need to bring it to college.
  7. A good small purse/wristlet/clutch/wallet: I have never been one to tote around a large handbag with a backpack and during some seasons, a coat. It is all just too much for me. Investing in a little purse or anything of the sort is such a great idea. While you can hold onto it, it is also small enough to be zipped into a pouch of your book bag!
  8. Hard laptop cover: Your laptop will constantly be slipped in and out of your book bag. It will be set on desks, slip gently across a table, the list goes on. Long story short, your laptop takes a good deal of abuse during the day, whether you see it or not! Invest in a simple plastic cover for your computer to protect against scratches and scuff! Plus, you can put stickers or monograms on it, and change it whenever you desire.
  9. A comfy quilt, blanket, comforter for your bed: Your bed is your safe haven. No matter what happens, your mattress, pillows, and comforter will always be there for you, and it is important that you choose a comforter that makes you feel like a million dollar bills every time you lay down.
  10. A good backpack: A backpack that has an appropriate quantity of storage, a laptop pocket and room for a water bottle! It is unquestionably worth the investment to buy a bag that will last for 4+ years. If you can get a bag that waterproof, it is great for rainy days.
  11. An all weather appropriate jacket: Trust me when I say a windproof and rainproof jacket will never fail you! Perfect for spring and fall and with a sweater on a warmer winter day, a jacket like this is going to be useful. You can check out North Face, Columbia, REI, Charles River Apparel, and LL Bean for some different jacket options!
  12. A duffle / Weekender bag: For the gym, or a weekend at home, or away at the lake, or a trip to the beach, or staying at a friend’s house while flood water is pumped out of your dorm/apartment/home. The use of a bag like this is truly eternal. I recently invested in a Land’s End Large Canvas Tote. And it has become my go-to bag for the gym or dirty laundry to get washed. Find the best bag for you!
  13. A pair of athletic shoes: Whether they are running shoes, walking shoes, training shoes, or tennis shoes, every young lady needs a good pair of athletic shoes. You can wear them for intramural or a sporting event. They go great with a pair of leggings or jogging pants whether you are going to class or to the gym, having a pair of comfy shoes is really great to have!
  14. A pair of sweatpants/leggings: There is always that time during finals week or when you are sick that you just want to put on a comfy pair of sweats or leggings! There is nothing that feels better than well worn cotton. Target and Walmart always have cheap sweatpants, but Victoria Secret, Nike, Adidas and lots of other companies have extremely comfortable leggings!
  15. A sweater from your college: Always a must experience! To wear to football games, nights in with your friends, and to keep after you graduate, a sweater from your college is something you definitely need to buy! Your bookstore or even PINK or your local Walmart or Target might have a decent selection to choose from!
  16. A water bottle: Not only do you save the environment, but to save you money, investing in a water bottle is such an amazing idea. I have really enjoyed having a plastic water bottle to fill up every morning and drink through the day! Whether glass or plastic, you can find a water bottle in just about any shape, size, and shape!
  17. Dry shampoo: Because sometimes you simply don’t have time to shower before going to the library or a meeting. Always a good idea to have dry shampoo on end! It can extend your blowout or refresh your roots. A perfect remedy to getting ready on the go. Most popular hair care brands offer a type of dry shampoo.
  18. A pair of nice dress shoes: These shoes will be a lifeline for interviews, meetings, and important events. No, you shouldn’t wear them out. These shoes should be nice flats, or low pumps. Something you can slip on with just about any dress or pair of dress pants! They should be comfy, fit comfortably, and be made of leather or other high quality material. Having a dependable pair of dress shoes is always a good idea.
  19. A gift card to your favorite restaurant: Whether its Starbucks or Taco Bell, having a gift card for your favorite food place is convenient because it can help you budget and it’s reloadable! It is always nice to have one on hand when you don’t feel like eating cafeteria food or you are a bit low on cash!
  20. A heavy duty phone cover: This is never a bad idea. Your phone will go through a great deal in college. It will get dropped, tossed onto your bed where it slides to the floor, moved around in your purse, exposed to the elements. Do yourself favor and buy a thick case that can help protect against most of those matters! Waterproof or not, it’s always helpful to have a buffer.
  21. The perfect pair of jeans and shorts: You need to own a pair of jean that goes with everything and anything. Usually a darker wash and holeless, these denims will be your lifeline. You will find yourself wearing multiple times between wash and you will learn that you take great care in turning them inside out and only washing them in cold water. Same goes for shorts. Always have a pair of shorts that are of appropriate length that you wouldn’t like if you wore to your grandma’s BBQ. Whether high-wasted or just below the pelvis, you never know when you are going to need a pair of shorts to pair with a philanthropy tee!
  22. A flash drive: You need one. Trust me. You never know when you are going to have to grab some files off of a computer. You might need it for a presentation, group project, or to get something printed at Kinko’s. Trust me when I say, having a small flash drive on your set of keys is never a bad idea.
  23. A pair of headphones: You are going to need a dependable pair of headphones, whether for working out in the gym or studying in the library. There are so many different types of headphones, then make sure to get a pair that work well for you! Whether ear buds or over the ear noise canceling headphones, check out some reviews on Amazon to get a pair for you!

Have anything you feel was an injustice that I didn’t include? Let me know!

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